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Formula KS2 @ A1-GP - Wednesday June 29th 2011

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Senad Subasic, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Class: Formula KS2
    Track: A1-Ring-GP Circuit (Download)
    Weather: Dry

    Practice start time: 19:00 GMT
    Qualification start time: 19:15 GMT
    Race start time: 19:30 GMT
    Race distance: 2 x 16 laps

    Rolling start
    Once the light goes green, the leader gradually speeds up to around 160 km/h (not too fast, not too slow), and drives in this pace towards the last corner. All other cars follow in one line with the same speed. No brake test, no swaying. If you spin your car you drop back to last position and start from there. When exiting the last corner the leader can go full throttle, and the rest of the pack follows. No overtaking before the start/finish line.

    Server password: click here
    Racing rules: click here
    KS2 skin pack: Download, extract to your nkpro folder.
    Not mandatory, skins used by Andrew Scott, Kevin Leu, Sergio Marques, Steffen Lauge Sorensen, Senad Subasic.


    Results here
  2. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of winged cars in general, I'm even slower in those :D. But it's time for KS2 to be used again, been a while.

    To try and have a clean start, we'll use a rolling start in this one. Details in the first post, ask away if anything is unclear.

    If you changed your nkpro.ini file for the previous round, remember to turn it back for this car. Open up nkpro13/cfg/nkpro.ini in Notepad, and put HARDMODE=0

    Server with the rank tool will be up later tonight or tomorrow, after the RDHGP race.
  3. ks2 :( So we will race with the rule of rolling start?Why we are not starting as always at green light?
  4. To make sure everyone survives the first lap. These cars are fast, there might be more than 10 people, there could be netcode issues.
  5. Adam Farmer

    Adam Farmer

    I like this car!!

    I tried HARDMODE=1 before the race, but my times got even slower! Did anyone else try it? What are your opinions?

    Looking forward to the race...
  6. Ah,yes i didnt think about that,ok rolling start is fair!So i must lead you all to the last corner :cool:
  7. As far as I know, HARDMODE=0 for this car. F1600/1800, F2000 and FTarget need it at 1.
  8. I never change to "1" with the F1600 and the wheel feels fine!
  9. Never driven with 0 and 1 one after the other, so no clue if there's any major difference. I often forget to switch as well, so dunno, maybe it's not that important to do.
  10. hard mode overloads the ks2 steering and is also a bit much for the f2000 and target, but is very good for the two formula fords.
  11. Server is up, rank tool enabled, happy ranking :)
  12. One lap with the great Cpt Jack Sparrow, at the wheel:

    You are all lucky because he isn't going to race!
  13. Where are the Abarth lovers? Afraid of the Ks2?
  14. Hehe. I'm kinda pleased with the short signup list, it means that most of the guys like the same cars as me :D
  15. Have no fun driving the Ks2 on this track. Car keeps scraping going up hill. But even if I figure out a setup I probably would not race. I'm with you Senad!!
  16. will try it today. Ks2 is an awesome car but close racing is always an issue with them...could change to fTarget?
  17. I'd prefer to leave it as is. Would anyone else rather race with the FTarget?

    KS2 on this track is fun to me, reminds me of the good old Grand Prix 3 days.
  18. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Just downloaded the demo. Yes Senad i agree great value for money for a game that drives this good.
  19. I can only as a maybe - too many things this week ...:confused:
  20. Heya Rupe. Yeah, it's a great piece of software. F1600 (if that one is still in the demo) is one of my favourites, but every car in there is pretty special.