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Formula Extreme - Spielberg GP

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by P*Funk, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. So I was toying around with @F1__Dave 's Bahrain setup because I'd finally got something that would let me not spin out constantly. I discovered of course that it was pretty unsuitable to a track like Spielberg so I went about toying with it.

    Changes from default made:
    Softened the rear by 10N/mm (min)
    Stiffened the rear third spring by 20N/mm
    Reduced front and rear ride heights by 0.8cm (Front 2.0cm/Rear 6.0cm)
    Reduced front Slow Bump by 2.
    Brake pressure 100%.


    In the end all I really kept from Dave's setup was the reduced ride height (subtracted 0.8 cm from Front and Rear) and the softened rear corner springs. I stiffened the rear third spring twice as much as I softened the rear (per the FReiza set up guide suggestion, no idea if this is as valid for this car) to compensate for the added heave on the rear. Aero the same as default. Diff same as default.

    This seemed to significantly reduce the rear's tendency to spin out in Spielberg Turn 2 as well as making the car generally more mechanically grippy when putting the power down. It still seems to possess that snappy turn in that the default set up has that was lacking in Dave's changes. I also experimented with dropping some of the front Slow Bump and I sensed it may have helped with front grip but I have no idea because I'm a total dilettante at this stuff. Could be placebo due to wild swings in talent. :p This is just me fooling around.

    It still bottoms out at the end of long straights and who knows what cardinal rules of F1 car set up are violated here. Maybe someone else has ideas on where to take this set up (or whether to scrap it). With these changes I've done a 1:08.750 (nine 1/1000ths faster than 2014 pole) with plenty more time on the table.

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  2. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene
    Premium Member

    Try 4 to 5 clicks more on rear wing than on front wing....Something like 30 front wing, 35 rear wing... or even 16 front wing, 20 rear wing....with the Extremes I always use the wings like that, and it feels most balanced. Give it a try and let me know.
  3. Cheers. I've usually avoided altering wing just because of the AI. I don't mind trying though.