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Formula Extreme Bahrain

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by F1__Dave, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. First Stab at a setup for this car, managed a 1.35.1 80% happy with the lap,
    Give it a go let me know how it goes also send one back if you manage to improve it/have a better one,

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  2. Peevee88

    Premium Member

    Struggled to drive Formula Extreme anywhere - back end snapping every time I got on the gas. Popped this setup on and immediately got the feel to go from 1m15 at Spielberg down to 1m12 in very short space of time can probably find another second.
    Excellent setup work made an undrivable car in to a blast to drive. Now we want more :) from F1_Dave
  3. Gotta agree with Peevee. Its definitely an more consistent set up to drive as well as being quite a bit better on the front end grip solving the understeer issues I was consistently having as well as the softer suspension makes riding curbs way easier to manage at race pace. The turn 3/4 chicane at Montreal modern especially has become much easier to ride the curbs on.

    Great set up. With the changes made to the game since it was posted however you need to change the first line of the set up file to make the game recognize it.

    EDIT. also looking at some telemetry it appears that the ride height bottoms out periodically so that's something to tweak.
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  4. Hey guys cheers for the kind words,
    I've not been sim racing for a long time ,
    This setup was on a old build but glad to hear it's still being used as a base setup by some,

    With AM due for release soon I hope to be getting back into a bit of hot lapping so will see if I can make some better setups and get them posted

  5. Yea, its not perfect. The set up has some issues because duh these cars are so complicated to balance but it makes it a lot easier to deal with. In general I think the default set up is very stiff in the rear and that makes a place like say Spielberg Turn 2 literally limited in how fast you can go through there, not just in terms of talent limits. This set up makes that situation easy in comparison but the flaws are that the rear is so soft that the front inside tire often is out of contact with the ground in tight turns and the front seems to bottom out near the end of fast straights.

    All in all though its a good start. Look forward to seeing if you can add on to it.