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Other Formula Extreme 2016 Sounds 1.0

2016 F1 sounds for Formula Extreme

  1. BlackGoku submitted a new resource:

    Formula Extreme 2016 Sounds - 2016 F1 sounds for Formula Extreme

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Hi @BlackGoku could you please provide a preview of the sounds so that people have a better idea of what exactly they're downloading?
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  3. No curb sound.
  4. I would like to do it but I don't have any video right now. I will try to record some onboards today and upload to all of you
  5. I think they should be there as they are the same sounds as original, but I will test it and try to fix.
  6. I've got the F1 2016 skin pack mod but this amazing mod doesn't work for those cars, could you help me out?
  7. You just have to point the .veh files of your F1 2016 skin pack to the .sfx files of my sound pack.
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  8. I already converted the new 2016 cars to this mod, and it works great. My only issue is that the WIlliams is far too quiet, as demonstrated below.
  9. Thanks man! Have you planned to make some more F1 sound mods because this one is very good I am really enjoying this one!
  10. maybe I will try to do the same with Formula Reiza... making 2013 sounds for it ;)
  11. The sounds look really strange in your 2016 cars... I dont know why but it sounds really different in Formula Extreme. I can see you have very high wind sounds and it sounds really strange.
  12. That's what I was thinking about: a more realistic sound for the Formula Reiza cars, I personally love the 2011 cars with the blown diffuser sound so maybe one day ;) anyway thanks for making this mod:thumbsup: