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Skins Formula Extreme 2014 F1 Skins 1.1

Skins for Formula extreme

  1. Simon Paquette submitted a new resource:

    Formula Extreme 2014 F1 Skins - Skins for Formula extreme

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  2. Well Done Dude
  3. Nice work! Thx abunch ;)
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  4. Just fixed 3 problems I saw. If anyone see anything else that looks wrong let me know and I will fix it. Suggestions are also welcome. thanks !!
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  5. Also, little note, because there is only 11 teams in the real f1 season, I have removed the "reiza motors" team in my game. You can do the same or not. Choice is yours.thanks
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  6. Amazing mate. I was waiting for some skins since FExtreme release, thanks alot. Wonderful job
  7. Thanks :)
  8. I just downloaded this and installed it, it looks great! But I don't have the Ferraris... were they left out intentionally?
  9. nope. sorry . they are all there. all teams. under the folder scuderia maranello.
  10. Ah there it is. I couldn't see it when I was in All Cars / All tracks, but when I went in under Formula Extreme, there it was!

    Again great job!