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Cars Formula DS (fastest, extremest AC car, experimental) 2.4

jet+petrol powered 700.000 horsepower car, supersonic

  1. Piereligio submitted a new resource:

    Formula DS (extreme car) - jet engine, jet, engine, car, surreal,lightspeed,hypersonic,Formula,Formula K,dynamic aerodynamics

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  2. Piereligio updated Formula DS (extreme car) with a new update entry:

    Safety aerodynamic stop introduced.

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  3. would be good with that mod track which is basicly a straight line in the desert, it has a few slight few turns and a small jump a small ways out to the left when you start.
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  4. Piereligio updated Formula DS (fastest AC car, extreme) with a new update entry:

    New braking system.

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  5. Holy crap :confused: Are you sure you didn't just upload a video with an increased framerate? :D
    I think some people (me included :p) might appreciate it, if you added a bit slower version of that... thing :O_o: So they'd be able to... you know... keep up with the car :laugh:
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  6. Really I slowed down the replay playing at 0.5x, to record it in 30 FPS and then doubling the speed, to have a 60FPS video without sacrificing graphics.
    To drive the car more simply, you can press the "1" number of your keyboard (not the keypad, but on the main numbers), that will decrease turbo power to 10%, and you can switch up gears sooner.
    No one constricts you to keep the acceleration pedal fully down. :p

    P.s: Merry Christmas!!
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2014
  7. Sunny Sky Speed

    Sunny Sky Speed
    You will never see me again, it's final now. Bye Premium

    You got me wrong, I like your idea I just think it's too much and it needs a car design. I said to take A LOOK at the Red Bull X2011, not copy it. And 3 stars for a basic Formula Abarth version that defies the laws of physics is not a bad rating. Don't expect immediate 5 stars just because you think it's cool. Some of you guys just can't take any criticism that's grounded, join the line with some Ferrari freak narcistic fetisjist, will you?!

    Merry XMas!!
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  8. I guess you didn't give a look on how is that aerodynamics complicated. All works well. That's the fastest car that I ever seen on every game, and it is stable.
    Don't you think it deverves more than 3 stars? Come on.
    It has not been a joke, doing this.
    I released the v1 first, but making this car stable made me mad (car bouncing and shaking,most), for the reason that starts from a 0 downforce and had to reach tons of downforce (tyres grip has a limit that if you go over, the car will shake all) to have that grip, so it caused me a huge work on suspensions and tyres characteristics.
    This work is on physics of the car, on the solutions I had to use to avoid many physics limits.
    I hope you will understand that is not just an increase of HP and of tyres grip.
    You should enable the wings widget and check there how many things move automatically while you simply drive.
    I find a bit offensive your comment, because even just a repaint can be rated 5, but THIS IS NOT a remodel/reskin, but just a physics experiment!
    Any model was okay, for this genre of car. I didn't want to make a nice car. I wanted to do a fast car, in straight lines and turnings. You should rate the quality of the work I wanted to do. If you are a modeler/painter it doesn't have importance, 'cause I didn't want at all to work on aestheics (I worked on painting just that little to make the car recognizable). To have this result, making a new model was useless, so your comment has not bases. You rated something I haven't worked on neither I've intention to work on. Wasn't the spot of the car, I repeat.

    About x2011... I played a lot with that, on gt5, and it is where maybe I got the idea of a constant downforce from.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2014
  9. I'm going to setup the acceleration to make it much more progressive. Effectively now it's too aggressive, difficult to go slow. :)
  10. Piereligio updated Formula DS (fastest, extremest AC car, experimental) with a new update entry:

    Power management and electronic assists improved

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  11. Piereligio updated Formula DS (fastest, extremest AC car, experimental) with a new update entry:

    Good AI introduced

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  12. Sonic boom :roflmao:
    Damn it, why haven't I tried that car out yet? :laugh:
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  13. Who wouldn't? :roflmao:
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  14. Piereligio just wanted to respond to your comment on my rating. I can rate whatever I want, the quality OR the idea of the mod, we are all free to do that on this website. I think I'm not the only one who doesn't like to encourage this kind of mods for AC. So please don't be arrogant and don't say "don't rate if you don't like the idea" :)
  15. The reason is simple. Rate in that way is offensive for me that I worked seriously, on this project, to make it achieve a good quality. Project is on the physics of the car. I placed a spot, I reached that after lot of work. So why rating one star? You're just an unrespectful hater. Thanks.
  16. Breaking physics for a car copied from the game is a lot of work? Didn't realize that. I appreciate mods that are useful for everyone not those breaking the game. So stop trying to put censorship on ratings and learn to receive negative feedback like an adult person.
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