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Released Formula Classic Electronic Dashboard

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Keith Windsor, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. Here's an interesting bonus for your Formula Classic - 2012 version only. I noticed amongst the files that there was an electronic dashboard upgrade hidden away which could be used instead of the original 'Classic' dials, if only it could be extracted. The upgrades system is not actually functional from the menus in this incarnation of the gmotor engine, but as I was working on 91 F1 skins, and 93 Indy skins, I thought it would be good if I could also have the option of upgrading to the electronic dashboard, from the traditional '80s style' dials. But I was struggling to get it working, so I posted to Reiza for some help, and NickOvey was extremely helpful, and sent me a couple of edited files which did the trick. He also kindly said Ithere was no problem with uploading them for others to use. They are already part of the game, just with minor edits. Thanks again to Nick, and to all at Reiza, for their great sims and active involvement with this community. I have started running the elctronic dash in my 91 F1 season, and it works great. So if anyone wants these files, here are the files, just backup the originals and put these two files in their place. (I have incuded copies of the oriignals in case you need them).

    Download Page: Formula Classic Electronic Dashboard GSC2012
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  2. Great!! Thanks for sharing:)
  3. I remember it from when Formula Armaroli was an rF Mod, good times :)
  4. umm somehow neither file works for me, GSC 2010 actually if that makes any difference.
    I'm out of backup now dang

    Aunt Edit: Well it's file structure has slightly changed from GSC 2010 to GSC 2012 and therefore it'll just work for 2012.
  5. Mavs,
    I wasn't aware of that, I'll edit the first post to let people know.
  6. I'll give it a go for GSC2012 to see if this is appropiate, if you wish I'll send you the files for GSC2010 to have both packages around, the upgrades.ini has an unspecifed gmt for the digi dash so I assume it'll be possible to have it working for it aswell.

    Edit: Yep working magnificent on 2012 :)