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Skins Formula Classic 1991 Skins, Performance, Reliability AMS 1.06

Set of 1991 FClassic skins, multiplayer & single player versions

  1. Keith Windsor submitted a new resource:

    Formula Classic 1991 Skins, Performance, Reliability AMS - Set of 1991 FClassic skins, multiplayer & single player versions

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    Last edited: May 3, 2016
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  2. Well there goes the weekend. :)

    Awesome stuff, thanks for doing these sets! These years invoke a lot of nostalgia - take me back to many, many early mornings when I'd drag my butt out of bed in the wee hours to watch these guys.

    Your skins and performance/reliability tweaks make for a brilliant racing experience. :thumbsup:
  3. Thanks! Great job! Love the classic sets!
  4. Hi, thanks a lot for your outstanding job!!! Now, could i ask you for a little help? What files should i modify if i want to change the performance of the teams? i want to try this in another mod i am fixing here. I want to make one team perform faster than the others.

  5. It's really just trial and error, and I'm sorry it would take too long to go through all the steps here.

    But it's not difficult if you've got the patience to keep making changes and testing - basically, if you download this 1991 mod, or the 1988 mod, you can use it as a base for any cars you want.

    First take a look in the folders. First thing to look at is the Talent files.
    Changing speed and aggression are the two main numbers that will give big differences, you can pretty much ignore the other lines. But be aware, it is easy to upset the balance, and the difficulty levels are easily upset. Too much aggression causes too many collisions and rear ending of slower cars.
    But just try changing one driver to high numbers in speed and aggression (up to 100), and another to very low numbers, and you will see a difference.

    Then look at the upgrades file (in my mods, some teams share the same one, other teams have one for each car).
    I used the default file for F_Classics and added my upgrades to the bottom using notepad.

    The main ones to change for noticeable results are

    (more drag makes the car slower)
    (more mass makes car slower)

    HDV=AIPerfUsage=(0.95, 0.96, 0.98) also helps, it changes the braking power, brake grip and corner grip, but again if you overdo some of the settings, you will see AI rear ending slower cars, or barging into each other too much. And they are no fun to race against if they keep colliding with you too much.

    (Torque and power settings also make a difference, but they are not actually doing anything in the current version of my mods, even though they still appear in the upgrade file).

    I used different numbers on my 91 and 88 sets to get similar results - the 91 set probably produces better overtaking but at the expense of the difficulty levels being a bit messed up - no big deal if you're prepared to do a few test sessions just to make sure you have the AI set at the right difficulty.
    The 88 set is not quite as good for the overtaking, but the difficulty level is consistent, so it's easier to pick any car and drive it.
    Both sets improve the general overtaking by AI and give a bigger spread across the grid.

    I hope that gives you an idea where to start, I'm sorry it is just not possible to explain everything here, there is too much - but it really just takes time and patience to learn as you experiment with settings to get it where you want it.
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  6. Oh man. Now the rest of my night is officially going to be wasted away in Automobilista! I can't wait to give this a whirl.
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  7. Hey Keith, after the patch yesterday I'm getting some errors associated with the LCD.


    Is there something I've mucked up between patching and re-enabling the mod that you can tell? I greatly appreciate any advice you might have.


    edit - I just checked and it appears to be affecting the 88s as well.
  8. No it's not your error, it's because Reiza have put new dashboards into the Formula Classics.
    I haven't had time to fix the mod, so it's still trying to show the old dash. At the moment, the only way is to edit the gen lines in every veh file.

    Every veh file needs to say:

    This will make all cars show the new LCD dash. I'm not sure if I can get the old dials display to work anymore :(
    But I will try when I get chance.
  9. Thank you!

    No worries, that is easily done. I use a little program to quickly batch replace text in files so this will take but a moment. But I hope they haven't mucked up the old displays beyond recovery. :mad:

    Hugely appreciate the super quick reply and solution.

    Edit: I changed those lines and everything looks great again ... albeit abundantly digital :p. Thanks man
    Last edited: May 21, 2016
  10. Hello.

    I was wondering if you could assist me with a small issue I am having with your F1 88 and 91 mods.

    I have added your 75, 88 and 91 packs to my game along with Steve Poirier's 1994 F1 mod. The 1994 mod doesn't get its own series tag so I have to load it via ''All tracks and cars''. The problem here is, when I open the ''F1 1994'' tab in "All tracks and cars" your 88 and 91 Ferraris are appearing in the same tab as the 1994 Ferrari. I can chose from 6 Ferraris in a 1994 V12 race. Alesi and Berger from 94, Prost and Alesi from 91 and Alboreto and Berger from 88 are all selectable. If I select Alboreto for example I will have a 1994 Ferrari as a team mate and I will be racing against a full field of 1994 F1 cars.

    Both the 91 and 88 mods load fine though through their own series tabs.

    I haven't changed anything on either mods. The only ''different'' thing I do is add all of my mods to a generic mod installer.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can change?
  11. Is that the V12 1994 mod that downloads in 2 parts?
    I'll download them and have a look. I'm sure there will be a way to get them working separately. They must have some conflicting names somewhere.
    I will let you know, it might take a day or two.
  12. That's it, the two-part 1994 mod.

    I suspected it was the names, so last night I went in to each mod's Ferrari file and changed the "FullTeamName" in the VEH files.
    88 - "Scuderia Ferrari Spa SEFAC"
    91 - "Scuderia Ferrari"
    94 - "Scuderia Ferrari Agip"

    The name changes reflect, but they still all end up in the F1 1994 tab.

    Other than that they are really a good set of mods. 5 stars for me.
  13. OK I've had a look and it is the TeamName that must be changed, NOT the FullTeamName. In other words, TeamName could be changed to those you mention above or for example to
    Ferrari91, Ferrari88, Ferrari94
    (Don't be fooled by what you see in the game menu. Even though you change the TeamName in the veh, it actually shows the FullTeamName in the game menu, which can be confusing).

    Changing the TeamName should solve it.

    I'll give it some thought for a future update but there are so many F1 mods with a Ferrari/McLaren/Lotus etc in that it is always possible to get such a conflict at some time, so it's probably better to install/uninstall a mod as you need it.
  14. Just make a series for the '94 cars and then you don't have to use All Cars/All Tracks.
  15. Thanks for having a look and thanks for the tip.

    I found a generic mod installer in the mean time that seems to make life a whole lot easier moving mods in and out as I need them, so I reckon I'll take your advice and just install as I need them.

    Thanks again for your efforts.
  16. How would one go about doing that?
  17. Just copy one of the default srs files and give it a new name. Then open it and change the 'mod name' to something you want and make sure the 'vehicle filter' reads as:

    Vehicle Filter = OR: F1_1994

    Change the other bits of the srs files as you like for the '94 season.

    I think that should do it. Sorry, I don't have this one installed anymore at the moment so I can't check it. But that should work.
  18. Great mod, thanks. :)
    The only small thing that I do not like that much is the fact that so many cars have just a blank black backside on their rearwings. So I made a small update (just for personal use, of course, did not upload it on any site). ;)

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  19. Hi mungopark,
    I copied as far as possible the real paint jobs from the 91 cars, and many of the rear wings were just plain black at the time, but your amendments look very good. Glad you like the mod. :)