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Skins Formula Classic 1988 Skins, Performance, Reliability AMS 1.06

Set of 1988 FClassic skins, multiplayer & single player versions

  1. Keith Windsor submitted a new resource:

    Formula Classic 1988 Skins, Performance, Reliability AMS - Set of 1988 FClassic skins, multiplayer & single player versions

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  2. Love it! :thumbsup:
  3. To clarify my other comment: "Both Mclarens have Senna's name and the brazilian flag, the numbers are correct though." The menu shows the names correctly, but both McLarens skins have Senna's name and the brazilian flag.
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  4. I'm not seeing this issue with my install.
  5. Yes I see, it's also not showing up the multiplayer car set correctly in the menu. I will correct this and update it, thanks for spotting this.
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  6. Here's a link to the corrected Mclarens if you want to paste them straight in place of the others - both cars are included as I've also made a slight improvement to the alignment of the sticker on the rear body.
    I'll put a full update out later, but I need to check them properly first as I made them on my laptop with lower graphics.

    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
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  7. Was this only with the MP veh's? I could not see this issue, but I don't have the MPs installed.
  8. No it was both. Prost's car had 'Senna' name on the side of the air intake.
    (If you converted the skins yourself from SCE, perhaps you were using an earlier version, before the error crept in - I did update the skins a couple of times and probably made an error when cutting & pasting between the two cars).
  9. Oh, yes, I see it now. I wasn't looking carefully.
    Thanks for the quick fix!
  10. Hi
    Hi Keith. Im using jsgme mod utility. Do you know if i could only replace this updated files on folder already installed?
    Btw, great tool. Thanks for your work
  11. You can uninstall using jsgme, copy these two files into the mod (directly overwriting the old McLaren skins) and then reinstall.

    (If you copy straight over the ones while already installed into the game you will lose them if you ever uninstall/reinstall again)
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  12. Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
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  13. Awesome :thumbsup:

    I spent last night making GDBs for an '88 championship season, so this is much appreciated.

    Thanks for this great racing!

    Oh, and the V-12s were asking when you might be free to play with them. ;)
  14. Hey Pudu (and Keith),

    How can we get that championship to show up like Keith had done for SCE? I've tried to edit the related .src file but I cannot get it to show up.
    What's more, if running both the '75 and '88 mods, the '88 cars do not show up in the car list, only the '75's.

    Do you have an idea about that guys?
  15. Sorry, there seems to be an error in the naming of the file.
    (It should have nothing to do with the 88 mod though, unless you have named them both the same such as reiza21)?

    To fix it, just change the name of the srs file from reiza9975 to reiza9875 and it should then work (but bear in mind the icon will not appear properly unless you number it consecutively with reiza's cars, such as reiza22 or reiza23).
    That single change should make the championship appear. I will update it in a future version. Thanks for spotting the error :)
  16. Thanks for the answer Keith. I had missed that trick with numbering the series right after Reiza's. Will try that. :)
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  17. Hi, it seems that after 0.93 update, we have some problems with the 1988 cars with analogue dashboard... How we can fix it?
  18. Im having problems with this mod f1 1988 and f1 1991
    Cars are not showed in showroom preview (and i get this error msg):