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Formula Abarth, too easy to drive?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by André Azevedo, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Am i the only one finding this car too easy to drive? The way the car slides mid corner with no consequences feels a bit unreal to me. I already drove a real f3000 and it wasn't that difficult as some sims may suggest, but think it's a bit too easy to overdrive the car without consequences here. In a certain way feels like i'm playing Project Cars honestly. Curious to see what other people think... Cheers.
  2. Default setup is very safe. Just change diff and it becomes quaite different beast.
  3. There is a massive difference in power, if you speak of F3000 as FIA homologated cars up until 2004...

    You are comparing torque from DFV (early) or Zytek (90's) 3.0 litre V8's for the F3000 (hence the name) to Abarth's spec of 1.4 litre engines with only 250nm or so of torque.

    On slicks and with "play nice" difflock and suspension setups the FA is not going to do anything unexpected. It doesn't have the power to relly bite you.

    The F3000 as FIA spec'd it is however a different beast. If it starts to slide, the difference in torque alone is significant, as well as some aero differences.

    So, i would say the behaviour of the FA seems reasonable to me. It behaves a bit like the lower powered Radicals do, that i have experience in IRL, and i think it seems to be accurate for what it is, having never driven an FA.
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  4. + the fact you got 100% grip.
    Later in the early access we get "green tracks" with different conditions.
  5. @André Azevedo What lap times are you running? Car is much harder to drive when you are within a few tenths of the fastest guys out there but if you are a few seconds off it can be much easier....even though I am seconds off and it is still hard when I'm pushing.

    Not doubting you and you may be one of the fastest guys out there but I see many posts in different places saying this car or that car is too easy to drive and it ends up the people saying it are nowhere near the limits of the car.
  6. It's probably my habits with other sims talking :) It seems to me the car has excessive grip but i never drove this car in reality, so...

    Anyway i think it lacks something with force feedback too, mainly when passing over kerbs. Don't no, not feeling the same immersion with this car as i'm feeling with other cars in AC or with f3's GSC, skip barber's iracing. By the way, talking in general, that's the part i'm really missing from NKP, the kerbs. It was a lot better in my opinion than what it is now in AC.

    Other than that i'm loving the game.
  7. Only drove it round Silverstone GP with default setup, did a 2.03.2 after some laps but with mistakes, should be doing low 02's, or 01's after setup changes, don't know exactely. Anyway, what i mean is i'm feeling a lot easier to drive this specific car on the limit compared with all the other cars in the game.
  8. You're faster than me but the WR is 1:57.xx
    Not sure what the WR for default set is but obviously there is a ways to go before we are driving the car anywhere near its limits....I would be willing to bet that the car gets quite a bit harder to drive when you get a second or two under two minutes.

    It would be hard for me to drive to get to what you ran, my handful of laps only netted a 2:05.xx :(
  9. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    I was driving it today and must say that there is something strange in that model. I don't use any help, I manually disabled traction control and the car still acts as it there was some kind of autoclutch or something. I tried various differential settings. It's like hard to get any wheelspin (initially) in slow turns. It's kind of laggy in throttle response at first. I like real onboard videos where even these low-powered formula cars react so brutal when driver wants.

    Other than that, I really like this car. I'm still struggling to get 1:32 achievement at Vallelunga though. I'm good in first third of the lap, but then I lose it all (0.5s) in one corner I still can't nail right.