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Skins Formula A - Ferrari F138 (2013 livery) v3.0

v3 - added UPC logo :)

  1. FirecrazyCZ submitted a new resource:

    Formula A - Ferrari F138 (2013 livery) - version v2 WiP

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  2. oke its no more WiP nose has been fixed..
  3. airutonpurosuto8912


    There's still the Acer logo which should be replaced by UPS...
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  4. Thanks, i will update the skin :)
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  5. Looks great this is five stars
  6. thanks
  7. This is a beautiful looking skin. It really completes the look of the Formula A. Well done and thank you for your hard work.
  8. Hard? Not really it was ultra easy :3
  9. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    Great Skin. Any chance of a Williams FW37 next FirecrazyCZ.
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  10. Yes, please!

    I think Force India would be nice too.
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  11. Oky i will try to do it :)

    Will see if i'll get the chrome working then i would maybe release it... :)
  12. Thanks! :D
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  13. Awesome, Firecrazy. I would love to learn how to skin. Any resources you can point me to? Do you have a YT channel with a tutorial.
  14. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium

    Thanks Firecrazy :)
  15. Its way too easy in few steps:
    1. Get Paint.NET or PS6 (recommend PS6)
    2. Go to pCARSfolder/Vehicles/Textures/CustomLiveries/select your car and then the template
    3. Open file with paint.net/PS6
    4. Paint it.
    5. Save it.
  16. Is not possible to have original ones and the modified ones? I need to replace allways the original?
  17. Just need to know if I have understood it right...You can use custom skin on youre car in the career mode but not the AI cars right?
  18. U can copy the skin file and name it FORMULA_A_LIVERY_AI i think and AI will use it
  19. yeah you need to overwrite it. Recommend Backuping the templates :)
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