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Misc Formula A 3D/2D Templates 1.0

3D/2D Templates with Keyshot file and UV and AO

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  1. Hello, where did youfind the "TIRE_FORMULA_A_DIFF_00' file?
    I've made a custom Pirelli tire but I can't find the file so I can replace it.
  2. Me and ML already tried to replace it well he tried with some ideas we was throwing about but it want overide it sadly :)
  3. [​IMG] I wish I could use this
  4. I made some the day the game was released and tried to import back to the file with a tool but the scale was slightly different in kb , but ML tried to add them to the place where you put the livery itself the modded ones hoping it would overide it but with no luck , maybe some better tools come out eventually , I was going to make the B and C formulas but takes too long lol sorting the textures and uvs out :)
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  5. Now all we need is the driver's suit and helmet and the ability for them to show up in online play.
  6. Hi chargingcar! Thanks for sharing your great template. Reminds me of the good "old" days... :)

    I want to recreate my "Audi F1" car - which I've once made for F1 2012 - but the template doesn't work for me. Please take a look at the attached screenshots...

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg

    Screenshot 1: Default (=untouched) state of your template.
    Screenshot 2: Edited "Formula_A_Livery_Player.psb" file within the 3D template.
    Screenshot 3: The livery of the 3D model gets updated but the texture mapping is obviously wrong. Even more, the car seems a lil' bit transparent.

    I'm not a newbie regarding modding and I've tried several things (restarting my laptop/Photoshop, rendering the car again, etc.) but I simply can't fix it. :-/
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  7. Not too sure , remove the PSD on the 3D template and add new layer , then resave the file open it backup and then add new layer again but add the 2D template PSD that is there has well maybe that will solve the issues I merged down some logo onto it just fine with no issues but removed them obviously to upload it :)
  8. Thanks for your quick answer, mate! Unfortunately, it's still not working but I will try it again on my desktop PC at home. #NeverGiveUp :D
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  9. hi @chargingcar , is it possible to have a conversaton with you - please give me a pm -
    your template help verry much for skinning the 1991 Liveries Mod :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. use what you wish
  11. i have a complete 3D model for Lotus 72D, so can you make me the Pshop Template for it ?
  12. not at the minute
  13. Greeting Mate,

    I know this sound silly.. if you don't mind could you explain step-by-step how you unwrap UVW or make PSD template from pCars 3Ds model (.meb file already converted). I got stuck in this process.

    Much appreciate your help.
    Cheers :)
  14. Hello mate, I didn't make the template. I used the custom livery template inside the Pcars root folder.