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Formula 1 - Interlagos

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Setups' started by Scott Webber, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. This setup is only a base, neccasary tweaks will have to be done for the race, it's stable and reasonable fast!

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  3. Tom

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    Any updates for GSC2013? The default setup is quite stable anyway but having a proper setup would help. :)
  4. I normally only race stock cars. I never race F1 ever and tried to yesterday on Interlagos. I sucked really bad. I was racing on 80% difficulty with 26 cars and I did terrible. So I came here to look for a car setup and found this one. I changed only the steering lock to 33 and topped-off my gas tank. I was doing better with the setup, but I felt that the car had way too much grip and felt a bit slow, so I lowered my wings a little and suddenly I was passing cars and driving better, but it still had too much grip and my engine was redlining on the straight-aways. I am a newb when it comes to adjusting gear ratios, but I lowered my wings a lot more and opened up 5th 6th and 7th gear a little and finally I got the grip feeling perfect, but then the Ai seemed so damn slow, so I had to increase their difficulty. I wound up setting the Ai difficulty to 120%. Is there a way to set the Ai difficulty higher? Like maybe 130%? It's no fun going from 26th position to 1st position in 8 laps. Is there something wrong with the F1 Ai difficulty? Racing stock cars on 120% difficulty is a very suitable difficulty, but the F1 Ai on 120% seem so incredibly slow. It just doesn't make sense to me how a total F1 newb could go from sucking at 80% difficulty to mastering 120% difficulty in just a couple of hours. I tried the same car setup on the Bathurst 2010 track and the Ai seemed a bit more challenging. On the last straight away I was pushing an average of 212 mph, but only the Ai in the top 6 positions seemed to offer a challenge. How can I set the difficulty higher than 120%?
  5. May I ask which tracks are the Ai set at 120% slow? If you're doing better than low 1.08 at Interlagos I'm must say I'm truly impressed :alien:. Anyway A1 at 120% is way better than my capasity. Only managed 1.11.6. But then again I'm a noob when it comes to setups :redface:.
  6. I never look at my times ever. I will try again now and see what kind of times I get.
  7. I just got a 1.12.2 during a qualify session, but I think I can do better. I usually skip the qualify session and just race with Ai. I usually don't screw up much when I race, but just now when I was trying to get a good qualify time - I screwed up a lot, lol. I think I drive better when I don't focus on my time.

    I still haven't bought GSC2013 yet. I'm hoping the Ai are more difficult. Some of the Ai in GSC2012 seem really slow.

    And what is up with Khodair always winning every stock car race? He cheats so bad. He's always miles ahead of everybody. I had to replace his car with my own custom car just so he won't be allowed to compete in any races :p
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  8. Tom

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    Any updates for GSC2013? :)

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  9. Dux

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    I am doing that lap time with fuel for 10 laps and on soft tyres and guess what. I am slower than the AI 120% for 3 seconds now...