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Cars Formula 1 Classics [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Lazarou, Jun 27, 2014.

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  1. Lazarou


    Paul Smith submitted a new resource:

    Formula 1 Classics - All Formula 1 Classics in the Same Section

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. Thanks Paul. Allow me for going a bit OP.
    Because i've never used non-official content in form of car mods before(pre GSC), i'm wondering just how do the mods(in general) compare to Reiza's/ISI work or to the work of other sim racing studios ?
    I mean is this inferior quality-wise and it's all just a bit of fun tinkering with the game's physics engine/numerical values to achieve a somewhat reasonable feel or would you say the modders put in just as much work, are just as capable as Niels or other 'professionals' and are even able to top their work in some cases?
    How hard is it really to make a car mod in terms of handling/steering/feel, how does one undertake such a project ?

  3. Lazarou


    You need a touch of genius which i have been blessed with:)

    Only joking the Lotus 49 and Gurney Eagle were pretty great out the box I just needed to enable realfeel in GSC.

    The Lotus 98T was a different story. The original engine in the mod did not have the correct power or power/torque curves luckily I have an old book from the 80's i could use a reference. The handling was way too benign the brakes too good and the gear shifts to fast amongst other things so I adjusted all those.

    There was no real feel so i had to implement that. The list goes on.

    Graphics are not really my thing luckily a guy named Hex contacted me and let me use some skins, helmets that he had done for rfactor. Thanks again Hex.

    A lot of rfactor conversions to GSC are shoddy mainly due to my main issue the steering.

    I have written some guides if you fancy a go. reafeel guide.

    Some of the rfactor mods are amazing pieces of work, they just need a little help when converted to GSC.

    Basically i'm a noob who loves tinkering, has OCD tendencies and loves cars.

    Let me know what you think of the 98T
  4. airutonpurosuto8912


    The 98T looks totally awesome.
  5. Lazarou


  6. hey paul, love the mod & the concept, really fleshes out the GSC F1 experience in full. im wondering though whats that sweet looking trackpack in the first screenshot?
  7. Lazarou


  8. thanks a bunch! 2 days with my new hard drive & my modded GSC folder is so bloated im scared to look at the file size.
  9. Lazarou


    It's crazy isnt it? I'm running about 50GB for GSC.
  10. Just a quick feedback/observation about the 98T. I don't like it, because the camera view, seat position and fov can't be adjusted so that i can see more of the wheels. It feels weird in an open wheeler to have no wheels in view. If this can be changed, i'd gladly give it another go. The other two are great fun, love the dynamics and difficulty.
  11. Lazarou


    I'm not being funny Jan but i suggest you check your control assignments and display settings.

    You can adjust the FOV in display menus.

    You can adjust your seat position fore/aft/up/down assigning keys/buttons to these functions.

    No one else seems to have this issue.
  12. Lazarou


    Exhibit A 75 degree FOV

    Exhibit B 45 degree FOV
  13. Thanks, Paul for the reminder.
    Yeah it came to my mind immediately after posting my reply, but i'm able to set up all the other cars/mods right out of the box just by adjusting the seat position fore/aft/up/down and am never required to fiddle with the fov, which i have set at default. Will just have to do that if i want to drive this car i suppose. Not that big of a deal, really.
    It's a pitty, though, that this game doesn't allow for saving the seat position and fov for every individual car. I'd like such an option very much.
  14. Paul, where do i put the file 'LOTUS_98T_Engine' ?
  15. Lazarou


    That's the path Jan. Your drive may be different.

  16. Adjusted the fov and i'm all set now. Just did a session at Brands with the 1200bhp and i like how it drives/handles. Feels unique enough and sets itself apart nicely from all the other single-seaters i have installed. Once you get to know it better, you can even get away with slides and drifts. I enjoy it. Thank you:thumbsup:
  17. Paddler


    Great mod thx!
    Only problem I have is with the Lotus 49. steering feels like its on -100. bit ots not. But my T500 pulls itself to the left or right once i am some degrees off the middle. All ok with the eagle and the other lotus. Any advice?
  18. Nox

    Staff Premium

    In your realfeel entry for the Lotus 49, try adding (or removing if it's there) the hyphen immediately after the = sign on MaxForceAtSteeringRack

  19. Lazarou


    Thanks Andrew, that should do it, Paddler.
  20. hex


    I've made some cams updates:


    Lotus 49:
    (too bad there's no driver's head)
    I had to fix the sitting position, because it was way to the left in front of the steering wheel that is moved to the left, because of the gear shift lever. Yes, it is how it's in real life. Even in Grand Prix Legends they knew it ;)

    Lotus 98T:

    Download if you want.

    Oh, and by the way - I finally managed to test 98T's physics - they are top notch, mate! :thumbsup:
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