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Forget F1 2015 and Project Cars this 2002 game, that's whats up!

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by wowmk1, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    Can you guess the game? =)
  2. Grand Prix 4 ???
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  3. Yep, it's GP4 indeed.
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  4. It's funny that a 14 years old game has one of the best AI ever made. Probably anyone has never reached the level that GP4 gained with AI performance.
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  5. Yup gp4 2015 update and track updates. They should get Geoff for F1 2015... :)
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  6. yeah gp4 with the baddest whell support ^^ tried it by an friend ^^ steeringwheel was not configurable^^
  7. When? Which year? Sounds like complaining that a game from 2002 can't access drivers to a wheel which was produced years (maybe even a decade) later.

    That's like complaining F1 2013 doesn't support PS4 controller.
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  8. anyone still playing GP4?
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  9. i do but with a twist, some one long ago suggested to try and drive with the track side cameras, with the assists on, its like watching the race, but you influence the result, it is really different and kinda fun =)
  10. How can you change camera?
  11. You can cycle cameras on home,end,page up,page down, as far as i can remember shift is tcam and cockpit, "?" On the kyboard is trackside cameras, at least on my game.
  12. Yes I still play my modified version.


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  13. Melv

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  14. well that was lil bit sacasm from me :D i like the game but its too hard to play for me ^^
  15. Is the GP4 Database and GP4 Central the best place to get mods and add ons from or is there somewhere else that I'm missing?
  16. Will get mine GP4 too and see if it works with the fanatec crw set and my triple screen setup and the sim commander software