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ForestClub CG

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by GizmoPower, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Thank you for the great cg update for this nice track. I am having problems with in game rendering of grass and sand textures, as they all appear black (see pics). I tried the track on two different computers, both running Racer v0.8.32, with same issue on both..

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  2. .............................

    EDIT: Track download in post#1 is updated and now should be fine also with console enabled.
  3. Thank you, that new shader fixed it..
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi dude,
    hmm...there are some wired shadows....
  5. Thx Gizmo !!

    Just one thing, I also have some strange things happening when driving particular cars...the grass becomes black
  6. I dont know what the problem is. It is working fine with my PC. I am running Nvidia9600gt. I think there are general problems with ATI cards tho.
    DreamFactory: I have tried, but that shadow does not appear here.
    QuadCoreMax: What car does it happen with?
    Do you both run ATI?

    Anyone else downloaded the track?
  7. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    No i have a GTS250....do you use any AA AF?
    ...for me it looks like a shadow from a transparent object...maybe...

    €: lol in the second lap they are gone.....
    screenshot023.jpg screenshot026.jpg screenshot027.jpg
  8. I tried the trrack which works great except for the default ai is bad in the first turn and a couple of other places.
  9. DreamFactory: Maybe it could be an old sky modell or something. Boomer541: The ai suck, I know. But no Qlog errors. :-P
  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yea, no QLogs^^
  11. No Qlog errors! Damn, I can't complain!
  12. It happens with Baja, E30M3 v1.0 & the Lambo v2.0 only, with others cars doesn't happen...
    I'm running on 2 ATI 4670 without CSM in surround mode.

    Your TC (track cams) are awesome & the pits could be somehow animated with characters when entering the zone.
    I'll try to debug your track further to see if there's some more things to fix.

    Generally talking, your track is really well done, now it's just a matter of bringing some life into it...:redface:
    P.S.: Didn't install your new update, I'll try it later if I can't fix it by myself.

    You're right, somehow when "ai performance 2" with the E30M3 for example, it just keeps going in the grass...what's not the case on my track Lil Lake.
    AI should know better how to calibrate the brakes when turning, they got to be smarter...maybe Ruud/Mitch will somehow fix it...or maybe I didn't set the whole correctly...
  13. LoL, nothing really to debug, haa, +1 no QLOG, really cool !

    P.S.: AI is working now & no more black flickering (terrain).

    Big thanks & looking forward for more features !

    Ah, forgot, with my G25, the surface props are just too high (the default one), too much shaking, so I just modded/added it to your special.ini file.
  14. Yo! I should pay more attencion to my threads.. Sorry!
    Glad to hear that the track is working good.
    QuadCoreMax: how did you fix the AI. The AI I got is all loco! :S I recorded a perfect lap but still... loco!
  15. Oups, you're right, AI is loco indeed, because your 'splines' are incorrectly set. If you 'show splines' ingame (in console), you'll see that at the end-begin, one 'triangle is missing'. There are some docs (racer.nl) which explains how it works. Basically, you always needs a 'quad' (2 x triangles) to add a new spline.

    I admit (hope Ruud will fix this little prob) it's kind of hard selecting/creating a new spline to the desired location from the camera view. It seems, we hardly can select/begin our spline from the actual road vertex which is frustrating.

    Also, your fence need a "cull=none" & your trees could need a second perpendicular quad with also cull=none.

    Last thing, you see the 'frustum', if you look your car from a distant perspective camera on the both sides of the track, so that's an issue. I think you need to 'reverse normals' of your objects, so that we can't see thru it.

    I tried to fix it, but that's not a 2 hour fix, takes some time since you have so many splines (~ 1700) where at certain places you need to go manually for it, too bad...I know.:frown:

    Finally I discovered from your track (cool elevation variations), that the projective shader used by the car lights is kind of 'buggy', here's an picture to illustrate the prob :


    Hm, the vertex projected light planes are rendered prior to the car, so hope to fix it somehow soon !

    Anyway good work, the track has potential for future :)
  16. Ah Gizmo,

    If you set racer.in gfx.show_bestline=1, you should see what's the problem with your AI going loco....

    Unfortunately, the same issue I explained before with projective shader happens to the bestline shader too, hm too bad...:frown:

    If we have one solution for one of them, that should 'theoretically' be the same for the other shader.
  17. I only made the CG shaders for it. :)
  18. I have noticed this only today. It appears that grass textures do not go all the way to the back of concrete barriers which hold the fence (see pics). Anyone else noticed this and/or would know how to fix it? Thanks..


  19. Yeah, I have, idk what happened really, the guy who exported the track, has forgotten to check the mesh normals...seems impossible to fix it without 'original' files...

    Hope it'll be fixed, this track has some potential !