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Forest Gump, Desert Ride, Race Forest and Star-T Test Track. CG version

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by Raphael Buthmann, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Oh man.. would love to.. but it's a cg-thing.. can't do it.. so sorry..
  2. Looks fantastic:thumbup:.
    I'll try them later.
  3. :s I will make not cg shaders later.
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Please do! Until I have my HDD and GPU I'm on non-cg shaders! - and that's if my Dell doesn't die until I get them!

    Looks really amazing though, great work!!
  5. Thank you,
    I especially like the desert track; it has a set of really challenging corners wich really make or break your laptime.
    And I like the feeling of speed between the trees on the Star-T Test Track.
    Only criticism; try to lose the BTB-feel on those tracks.
    Great job, hope to see more of this!
  6. I'm getting some errors with the track surface.

    Attached Files:

  7. Lol I will fix it =D
  8. I think it's something to do with LOD - when I set FoV >19 it shows track surface correctly. But I have no idea how to fix it.
  9. Me too :s I will try fix this tonight. I am so busy with the other projects. I've remapped LP640 and baked textures, now I am texturing the Ferrari
  10. I am so busy lol. I am studying on 2 schools and I am making a english course,in all days of my week. Today I don't have english course but on others days I am getting out of my home at 6 a.m and coming 9 p.m :s It's really so tiring :s When I take a free time I will fix these problems. Bye racedepartment brothers =D
  11. Another busybody.. heh.. I just finnished my Master Thesis before X-mas, now I am working on my Ph.D application while I work as a tech at the same university.. heh.. no sleep for the w*cked.. so I can fully understand. I would however like to attempt to de-cg'ify at least one of the tracks, just to see what it's like. If it turns out OK I can PM you and you can take a look.. might even be worth it.. I just have to finnish the beta stage of the Cuda, and get past the Alpha stage on Gizmo's Trail.. and finnish the Badlands MOD (as a MOD it can be released without perms! Yes! I will! ;)) and even Dunsfold.. some day.. end Elan Valley (Four Oaks rewrite).. and Myogi.. dang.. and Ruudskogen.. when will I eat.. or even sleep.. heh..
  12. Lol, ok man =D you can try this. I posted this tracks here for all peoples give an opinion. =D I will try to finish this project soon.
  13. FWIW, am still working on the non-cg shaders.. ran into some issues, but there might be (i.e. will be) some shaders soon.. patience is a virtue.. just remember that ;)
  14. Relax bro, LOL. I am patience, to me it's better to be late than full of errors =D
  15. Hey can you fix the download links? The tracks look really nice and I'd love to drive on them.
  16. what's the problem? Oo
  17. There was a problem last night and I forgot to post. Now they seem to be working... Stupid 4Shared lol
  18. stupid 4shared²I am retexturing the tracks. 2048x2048 textures =D
  19. Hi there Raphael, these are wonderful tracks and have scooted around them with great success on frame rateonly using a invidia Gforce 8600GT graphics card.

    running the forest gump track I notice that the lighting still does not match up with the screen shot you provided , mine being way more lighting I'll try to take a screen shot of the track as I see it later and place a screen shot up here so you can see the difference, I'm just trying to get my ini setting so they match your screen shot but the track is still nice to drive.

    in the desert ride track all seems to be working perfectly even the lighting changes occur just wonderfully and it is a nice change to the regular track styles .. thanks again for such fine work :)