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Foreign radio

Discussion in 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' started by J van E, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Anyone else here who tunes into a radiostation that's located in the region you are actually driving? I do. It's fun. It gives me the feeling I am on holiday all the time. I don't even mind if the station is crap or if they are talking and I don't understand it: it really adds to the mood to tune into local radiostations! ;)

    You might want to give it a try!
  2. Hi J van E, could explain how I can get Sky radio to work??
  3. You may add this:

    stream_data[19]: "http://vipicecast.yacast.net/skyrock|<font face=/font/cp1252/normal.font>Skyrock - FR</font>"

    to your radiostation file. Change stream number or radio station as you like,JUST replace the links , nothing more.
  4. DId you already try the 'Update from the internet' button? If you click that, a lot of radiostations are added automatically to the radiostation file (which btw is called live_streams.sii and which can be found in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can edit the file with Notepad.) SkyRadio was addes as follows in my file:

    stream_data[37]: "http://5673.live.streamtheworld.com:80/SKYRADIO_SC|<font face=/font/cp1252/normal.font>Sky Radio - NL</font> (NL)"

    I will see if it actually works this afternoon.

    Yes, it works perfectly.

    BTW Be sure to turn on the music in ETS2 otherwise you wan't here the radio. I had music turned off (I don't like music in the menu's) but I found out that the option also works for the radio...
  5. Thanks Guy's, works like a dream!!