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Ford V8

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Well I'm not really sure what to say about this car other than it's cool and at the same time the biggest pain in the butt to drive. This car in my eyes is on the top 3 hardest cars to drive in iRacing at least for me. However after not being able to sleep last night I thought I would give it another shot with a few laps at Suzuka. Perhaps it was due to my being half asleep, trying to drive a different way, or a complete accident. I think I have found the trick to driving the V8 (at least for me). Don't get me wrong, it's still a monster to drive and I can still lose it on any corner if I'm not very careful. But by golly I could make complete laps for once without going for the record spins on one lap. I have no idea if it is a good time or so far off the pace it isn't funny but I did manage to get a time of 2:11.4 on two laps in a row.

    Does anyone here actually drive the V8 or simular in real life? I have heard from various sources that the real car handles nothing even close to the iRacing version of it. Just curious really...

  2. Well, I never tried the v8 in iracing and i never tried it in real life, but I can be very sure that the real car drivers nothing close to what iracing shows and feels... and I mean for the better part of course..
  3. If you haven't tried it in iRacing or in real life how are you so certain that it is off? That is like in the flight sim community saying the P-51 should be able to fly this way or that. Like they have EVER flown a P-51 much less in a combat situation... lol...
  4. I've driven the car in iRacing and I love it. Really miss it now that I don't have iRacing. The car is let down by the original tire model and hopefully the NTM will improve it's traction a little bit and feel. As for the realism of the car, it was Shane Van Gisbergen (not sure if I spelt that right) who races these in real life and also races in iRacing with them who said that it feels nothing like the real car. But he still enjoys racing them himself!!!

    In iRacing though it isn't a very well supported car as it's too hard for some to drive and those that can drive it seem more interested in the GT's etc:bad:.
  5. I remember reading the SvG had commented about how the iRacing v8 wasn't really an accurate reflection of it's real-life conterpart. Hopefully when iRacing get their act together with the NTM for all cars and other tweaks they have in the pipeline, it will reflect more accuratley the real thing.

    I till enjoy taking it on track for some offline hot lapping and feel I have achieved something if I circum-navigate a full lap without a trip in to the tire walls, lol.

  6. If you have a general knowledge on physics you would after one lap say that the V8 we have is absolute crap.
    If you don´t have a general knowledge on physics go to youtube and watch the real cars vs the one in iRacing.

    Then if that isn´t convincing there have been several statements from real life drivers saying it doesn´t handle one bit like the real car.
    I personally found that out after one lap in that car and i have never driven a V8 in my life. I had not even watched the real life series!

    they have around 2-3 real life drivers working on the NTM for the V8 so it´s in good hands but now it´s complete crap and an embarrasment to iRacing´s software.
  7. Well, I got the V8 over a year ago and ran a race, I lost so much SR that I did not touch it again. Wheather or not it handles like the real thing I have no idea. But when I watch the races on tv and see them jump over curbs and get loose on exit it looks like the iracing version. So I have started back running the V8 only on tracks that I like and never in a race but since now that I have more experience in iracing the car is starting to come back to me now. I love the sound and if I don't push too hard I can keep it on track. I usually pick one car that I try to run a full season in, this season is the vette but I am thinking that next season will be the V8. The only hold up is it is a C class car and there will be a lot of noobs trying to make it to the front on the first lap.
  8. Well, all I know is that its a fun car to drive.
    We are sat behind a computer so its always going to be hard to get it to feel like the real thing I would venture...
    A motion rig helps alot. : )
    I like the car, I like driving it. Was on the track with you last night William but had to go for my dinner so left after a couple of laps.

  9. i thinkt his car like the RileyDP suffer big time from the tires. Based on what i've seen real drivers say of the iracing models, alot just comes down to mechanical grip of the tires, or lack there of with the OTM.

    At any rate the car is an absolute blast to drive, but you'll never catch me in an official race with it :)
  10. Well here is one with William and I giving each other a hard time... hahaha I know there are places in the video that studder a bit, however I'm not sure what happened to the video to make that happen. As long as it took me to upload it, it's gonna have to stay that way... lol...

  11. I love it!! Fun stuff Joe.
  12. Brands Indy was where I first drove the V8 and my Motion SImxperience rig... Very special afternoon. : )
  13. This car is the lulz. By far the hardest car in the service and I never figured it out. It was fun to race though. This clip is from the last year's pro series. Car was new and people were just figuring out the setups. I had way too high tyre pressures there (as you may see) and too high rear so I was just a sitting duck in the straights.
  14. Nice video!
  15. today bought all the cars of class C, and once again proves the ability iRacing. now i have 2 lover car: Mustang and Falcon FG01.
    Very interested in what happens after NTM