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Mods Ford RS200 1986 Grundel + Blomqvist 2.0

Grudel Sweden historic + generic Blomqvist

  1. meerkat80 submitted a new resource:

    Ford RS200 1986 Blomqvist - Native 4K texture for the RS200, not upscaled from the original Dirt 3 texture.

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  2. Great livery, can you tell me what is going on with the rims?

    What can i do to fix this?

    Edit: added correct link to screenshot
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2015
  3. Never mind, already fixed it! :)
  4. meerkat80 updated Ford RS200 1986 Blomqvist with a new update entry:

    Historic update

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  5. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    should be Kalle Grundel / Benny Melander on the #8 car

    Thank you for doing these liveries
  6. Uploading fix now. Thanks.
  7. Grudel - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\rsb\livery_44\textures_high (replace blue car 7/7)
    Blomqvist - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\rsb\livery_44\textures_high (replace red car 6/7)

    Isn't this mistake ?

    In your zip folder there's "livery_42" and "livery_44" cars and you say that they both should go to the SAME place and that they will replace DIFFERENT cars ?? How come. :alien:

    Another thing, preserving disc space (too many games, too many mods) I will take only one, and I just can't know which is one and which is the other. I want the Blomquist only. And your .pssg (unlike many others) files I can't open, otherwise I would figured that by myself.
    Thanks for your work and please understood my doubts. :)
  8. Yes there are two typos.
    Should be:
    GruNdel - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\rsb\livery_44\textures_high (replace blue car 7/7)
    Blomqvist - \DiRT Rally\cars\models\rsb\livery_42\textures_high (replace red car 6/7)
  9. Oki then. Thanks a ton! :thumbsup:
  10. Readme is updated now, thanks for letting me know the errors.