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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Mods Ford Fiesta WRC 2012 Finland Special livery for FORD Fiesta RS Rally 1.2

J-M.Latvala P.Solberg livery mod ford fiesta rs rally 2010s 4k hd

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  1. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Finland-Flag for Solberg?
  2. Thx hossy 0saka !!!

  3. Oh! mistake!
    Petter Solberg : Kongeriket Norge
    Chris Patterson : Northern Ireland
  4. Thanks!!!
    Last edited: May 17, 2015
  5. hi wonder if you can help me. just made a new skin of yours alternative version.
    but i am stuck and asking for help, i want to change the glass and flags, to the pic
    i have made up but can not get transparnet glass, can you please help me ?
  6. Hi,wr41th.
    "glass.tga.dds" file,please save in "DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp interpolated alpha".
    And you must make changes to the alpha channel.
    I use the software called "DXTBmp", export and import alpha channel.
  7. got it thx, but after finished the skin i could see the front 2 side windows where none transparnet, and there only 6 windows in the file ? when there should be 8, is the 2 which is missing in the main ? by this time i just made the rear side ones dark as well, sorry i got a friend to do the glass

    links to pics


  8. ffr_glass.tga.jpg 2015-06-12_00001.jpg 2015-06-12_00002.jpg
    The problem will be resolved if you stick paste the 0123456789 of different colors in the glass.
  9. omg thats crazy thankyou very much
  10. Can I get help on how to paste the livery into the files? I replaced Livery_42 but all I get is a colour glitch when I run the game