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Ford Escort LHD?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by RaceWasGood, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. RaceWasGood


    Do you know of a left hand drive version mod for the Kunos Escort? I love the car, but not so much the RHD... Thanks!
  2. Never seen a driver side swap for AC, nope
  3. RC45


    I grew up in South Africa with right hand drive left hand shifter and drove a couple Escorts in my time. AC is a great way to go back to "the other way" of driving :)

    I even switch the shifter on my seat to the left side so I have the authentic feel LOL.
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  4. I do this too. Adds to the immersion and forces my brain out of it's little comfort zone.

    However, to the OP: You can always change your in-car view driver's perspective to be in the passenger seat. You lose the dashboard, but you can use in-game apps for speed/rpm etc. Sometimes I do this when too lazy to unclamp my shifter and fool with the cables.
  5. Yebo, I know the feeling, had an Escort MKII 1973 model. got it sideways Super Van style many a time on a gravel road...........
  6. RaceWasGood


    Perfect solution. As usual, the KISS method tends to work best :) I'll just make use of my external dash. I really wonder why i didn't think of that in the first place... :confused:
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