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Skins Ford Escort Grp 4 - Gulf Blackrange Edition (update now a pack of 6 skins) 1.2

Ford Escort Grp 4 skin made for the brand Gulf.

  1. my humble suggestion , please admin : do not admit any skins or picture or videos related to payment mods/works , those are against the idea of free modding . those are just games made for money , should be on payment advertisements or professional games magazines/blogs , not here
  2. You have to pay for this car? It,s an ripped car from "Dirt"

    That said why should they not be allowed to upload skin for an paid Mod
    and where should they upload it instead?;)

    BTW it is also not illegal to upload an skin for an ripped car - It,s the car that is illegal not the skin!

    It,s a Nice skin, Thanks!
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2014
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  3. Orbit4L updated Ford Escort Grp 4 - Gulf Blackrange Edition with a new update entry:

    Lighter and cleaner

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  4. This car is a free mod making by a serious guy, if i decide to make this skin its precisely for encourage the modder to continue, for me this car have the same quality than an original car from kunos.

    After yes many modded car are very bad or not finish, but dont be afraid i will never make a skin for a car approximately well ;)
  5. Thanks man, same point of view ;)
  6. My next skin will be for the datsun 720 drift ;)
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  7. This car is not a payed mod, it's all over the Google place...
    If you payed for it you got screwed (hax) or you just don't know how to find stuff.
    Maybe you should block your creditcard?

    Maybe a (staff) member can answer if this car is illegal cause i can't find any info on that..
  8. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    very nice looking ride thank u
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  9. With pleasure man :)
  10. Ask directly this information at the modder, there is the offical site http://acmods.wordpress.com/category/cars/ but i dont thinks its a ill├ęgal conversion, for me this is not possible this car is going too well ;)))
  11. Done in the first page of my post ;)