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Skins Force India VJM08 RB10 Chassis 1.6

The new VJM08 livery on the RB10 chassis.

  1. Winter-Iceman submitted a new resource:

    Force India VJM08 RB10 Chassis - The new VJM08 livery on the RB10 chassis.

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  2. took your time to release your livery, its not a race to be the first one, just with the red strip near the nose, nothing is perfectly line up... so took your time... quality is always better than the quantity
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  3. Yeah but I am short on time due to college and work so it's better than nothing. There will be better updates to come! :p Thanks for using the discussion tab!
  4. fitti


    How do I upload when the chassis RB10 when I eat update Lesley Buurlage? I do not overwrite. I'm sorry for my english
  5. The 'Cars' and 'Interiors folders' of 'fc2' will not overwrite all of Lesley Buurlage mod. But will overwrite the original Force India files. Make sure you have a recovery of the original files before overwriting. I hope this helps!
  6. Can you also make the sidepods a bit more dark grey because on tv it looked more darker
  7. Yeah I'm still experimenting with the side pods, hopefully I will update it tomorrow or on the weekend! :)
  8. chianamik


    .....test my improvements Winter Iceman
  9. Hi! Can i use your mod in my 2015 mod?
    I will give you credit!
  10. Hi, No, but you can link it in your description! (that way I can update it and you don't have to!)
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