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Skins Force India VJM08 2015 (Chrome Skin) 1.3

Force India 2015.Livery Edited by Chianamik (livery based by Doberjam)

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  1. Semplicemente un idolo..... sei un grande... :)
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  2. Riusciresti a fare la stessa cosa che hai fatto sulla tua livrea personalizzata, però sulla livrea della red bull? :)
  3. works onlne?
  4. yes
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  5. I Always have this Problem with this Skin. Coud someone help me? I saw the file in the pssg editor and evreything looked fine
  6. you have to replace all the files ... cars and interiors ...
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  7. You can try reinstalling the skin.
  8. Try to follow my guide ..
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  9. Thanks. I could figure it out myself. I overwrote the files of the 2015 mod by Lesley Buurlage. After I overwrote the original Files, evreything worked fine. Thanks a lot for the help :D
  10. Can u do this skin without mirrored text NEC,Kingfisher,Claro etc.It would look much better without that mirrored advertising...
    Last edited: May 20, 2015