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Skins Force India VJM07 1.0

2014 livery on 2013 Force India Model

  1. Scartzaw submitted a new resource:

    Force India VJM07 - 2014 livery on 2013 Force India Model

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  2. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows.. Premium Member

    Can you show some pictures?
  3. here you go
    VJM07_1.PNG VJM07_2.PNG
  4. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows.. Premium Member

    Can you make the nose like this
  5. Not meaning to offend you, but F1 2013 is pretty much dead. Modding it doesn't make too much sense with the restrictions Codemasters have placed upon us, so I suggest you spend your precious time working on something for F1 2012, which is far better to be modded.

    Like I said, not meaning to offend you - decent effort you've done there, although there's some major differences to what the original Force India VJM07 looks like; especially, you got the black/white parts on the nose wrong:
  6. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows.. Premium Member

    Yeah, that's what I meant
  7. No, im afraid not. At least not what im aware of ... I tried experimenting with it, but since codemasters made it really akward, if i change the nose, the main body changes colour in odd places. I know i got the nose wrong, but thats as good as i could get it on f1 2013 :(

    I think ill take your advice and mod on 2012. I didnt know that it was easier to mod that :D
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  8. Basically, in F1 2012 there's no mirroring on the skin, so you can precisely edit the skin exactly where you want it. A lot more possibilities. Just take a look through the F1 2012 resources, you'll see what I mean.
  9. Ok, thats much better, that was really annoying when i was editing this ... The mirroring and the re-use of some parts of the skin
  10. Exactly. That's why many modders went back to F1 2012 soon after realizing that F1 2013 could barely be modded properly. Really frustrating.
  11. Its ridiculous, codemasters know that people will mod these games, its one of the advantages of the pc game. Then they make restrictions to piss everyone off. Oh well 2012 it is, hopefully next year they stop that bullshit ...
  12. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows.. Premium Member

    I really hope so. I don't want to be returning to 2012 for the 2015 mod
  13. I'm afraid it'll be even worse. They've been doing what ever they could to keep the community from modding. From a company point of view, that's very understandable. For us however it's extremely frustrating.
  14. I know, its extremely unlikely they make it easier for modders. Cant do much about it unfortunately
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  15. yes, you are right. cm does not give a d.mn about modders in this year's game. but i like the physics more than in f1 2012, especially that you can not drive like a madmen because of tyre wear. so i have to live with it. i appreciate the hard work some modders do for the game, though. this force india does not look like real car, but looks good in game. downloaded! thanks, Scartzaw.
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  16. Youre welcome, and thanks for the appreciation .. Just tried to make it look decent on the force india skin :)
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Nice Photoshop :)))))
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