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Skins Force India 2016 skin for Ferrari SF15-T 2.0

Force India VJM09 2016 skin for Ferrari SF15-T

  1. Jan Racer submitted a new resource:

    Force India 2016 skin for Ferrari SF15-T - Force India VJM09 2016 skin for Ferrari SF15-T

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  2. 20160725040254_1.jpg
    Loving the Force India, keep up the good work...
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  3. Hi blackcelica, do you work on force india suit and helmet ? :)
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  4. I just created my own version quickly whilst waiting. They are OK but not release quality or 100% accurate.
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  5. the helmet and suit, seem to be pretty good on photo, if you want to release, it's a plaesure to donwload it, and give you a feedback ;)
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  6. What I can do is send you the suit and gloves which are the same for both drivers and both helmets. The helmets are just a rough rework of the 2015 versions and not correct. I'll send you a link to them to download later then you can either decide to use them or not. I'm at work at the moment so it will be tonight sometime.
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  7. So take your time, and release a good version for both driver, of course if you have planned to do this ;) thank's to your response blackcelica
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  8. nice skin can you make the bulls to??? max first?
  9. Here is a link to the suits, I uploaded them with an explanation of quality. Use and include, modify as you wish if you like....They are not bad, but not finished. I did them for myself the make the cars look acceptable on the grid instead of white drivers.
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  10. Thank you! I will see what to do later today!
  11. realitychecked


    Update the Royal Challenge logos with this.

  12. Thank you