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Skins Force India 2014 1.3

Force India 2014 for 2012

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  1. QuangMinh#93

    @ Simberia @Simberia

  2. Good Job ! will you redesing new 2014 cars on 2012 liveries ?
  3. Hopefully yes lol going to try and do each car at a time for both games. Might take me a while. There will be a update soon for this so it's more like the real one few bits need changing but having a few days away from force India lol :D
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  4. Very good job. I like it. I try.
  5. thedeadman2007 updated Force India 2014 with a new update entry:

    Updated Car and Interiors

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  6. i bet making these is a lot of work but do you think you could make the livery for the actual force india car? you made it for the mclaren correct?
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  7. Yeah this is done on thee mclaren car because it's prob one of the better cars to edit the livery for but I won't be putting it on the force India of 2012, coz of the stepped nose I don't think it will get the same effect.. Sorry..
  8. ah alright. good job though its really good.
  9. i know there is one already on here and its a working progress and not yet complete but wanted peoples thoughts on my 2014 Merc for F1 2012...
    here's a Few pictures Untitled-1.jpg Untitled-2.jpg
  10. i try down load, is it broken link ?
  11. just tried the download myself and its working give it another go
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  13. will have a look into it i havent seen the up to date testing pictures yet so will look and see what i can add in there is any extra logos cheers for letting me know and will keep you posted, i know where its located so will get on to it
  14. thedeadman2007 updated Force India 2014 with a new update entry:

    Logos update from Latest Testing

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. as you guys can see a new update for this model its just the Livery main file for my current mod so just open and copy into the fc directory... :D
  16. ok so this is what i have so far in terms of 2014 cars

    First the Mercedes, i haven't edited it sense testing so the livery needs a few adjustments, but this is what i was able to come up with so far, i know the detail on the side isnt exactly what the car looks like as it does seem to be the hardest part to get right but i also quite like what i have got so its 50-50 lol but any input would be greatful


    OK now here is my 2014 Williams, i know there is a few on here so heres where mine is somewhat different, the side of the front nose the lines spread out more then most as they do on the real car also the tail fin as well as it curves up somewhat as well so but though i would add my version... again input welcome

    and finally is my 2014 lotus, i know i have one up here already for the 2013 game but this being the 2012 version its got a few more details for example the stripes on the nose curve over and the logos on the side of the nose down to the lotus badge on the very tip on the front end also was able to add the Emaar logo on this which i couldnt on the 2013 version...but again input it welcome...


    if alls well and everyone seems happy then i will upload these on here, they are on the mclaren model for the lotus and merc but the williams is on the williams model as it was the only one that would allow the number to be different on both cars on the side pods..

    anyway many thanks for reading...