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Misc Force India 2013 with flat nose 2.0

The force india 2013 with flat nose and new steering wheel

  1. saschaXD17 submitted a new resource:

    Force India 2013 with flat nose (version 1.0) - The force india 2013 with flat nose and new steering wheel

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  2. Very good job ;) Finally a good Force India with flat nose ;)
  3. can you fix the sahara logos slightly oblique like this
    sorry for my english

  4. if you wait around an hour i update this =)
  5. i know one problem (picture) but i dont know how to fix it.. when the ai drives the car te steering wheel is not on the right place.. if anyone know how to change it plece say to me =) thnx

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  6. all of the interior files should be renamed to fc2
  7. you mean when i open the interiors fc2.main than i must adit the files with ma2 to fc2?
  8. No.Just open interiors folder.In that open ma2 folder and rename all the files beginning from ma2 to fc2 and paste it into fc2 folder into interiors:).Hope that helps.
  9. you test it? it not go by me..
  10. As i said you modified the steering wheel of marussia to look right FI's right?Simply just rename all the files including int_ma2.pssg you modified and all the others to for example int_fc2.pssg and so on .Depends on it name.
  11. did you look in the download folder? i have all named fc2.. i dont understand what you mean..