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force feedback will not work on formula force ex

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alen Pecanin, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, its a sad day today, and its been a sad week. Hours behind the pc googling and fixing the wheel didnt help. so I ordered a new wheel but that didnt work too.

    here's the thing. I havent been sim racing since last year. I played rfactor like 3-4 times for christmas, when I was playing the ffb suddenly stopped working. I tried all USB ports, I've got 8 of them. Tried re-installing the usb-drivers. tried re-installing the logitech drivers, re-installing rfactor, and dont ask how many times.

    and my ffb wont work, and Im racing, well sort of, without ffb :( so after I ordered the new wheel, I tried a fresh re-install of the logitech profiler, still no ffb, even not after the calibration @ install.

    but I ran this driver update scan, recommended by download.com and other sites so it could check which drivers were out of date. and there were 8 where all of them were connected to the USB The Intel(R) ich9 family usb universall host controller was outdated. and by googling sh*t for hours, it said that it had something with the chipset to do. So I smashed the driver&utilities cd into the cd-rom and isntalled some weird chipset drivers, it didnt work.

    has any1 other here expirienced this? can any1 help? I hope not 1 but I hope for 2 lol. please, I wanna race again :(:( if I dont get this fixed I'll re-install Vista tomorrow to check out if that helps at all :(:(

    tnx in advance for respenses and comments
  2. you have plugged the power supply in?

    i`m sure you have :)
  3. haha rofl yea I have :p
  4. i haven`t a clue then sorry, seems you`ve tried almost everything. thats why i mentioned the power supply as i`ve done that nood error before lol

    so its looks like you may have to reinstall windows :(
  5. no problem, thanks for trying to help, I appreciate it. maybe I'll get the chance to kick your ass on the track one day, after this problem gets solved, if you play rfacotr :D ^^
  6. have you checked the the box !!! ( feed back box in game ) reverse affect I think its called ? try that its the only thing you havent mentioned ??