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Force Feedback Settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by jsoccer9, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Just got my first racing wheel in the mail, the dfgt, a great wheel and great with GT5. However when i started using it with F1 2011 i noticed that when FFB is on i only get about 90 degrese of rotation where ffb is actually working (45 degrese either side of where the wheel resests to). Anything past that it feels like the wheel dies and no ffb is being apllied to the wheel. I dont know if there are any settings which can stop this from happening.

    I have left all advanced settings stock but have lowered the Envoirment Settings to 10 percent FFB to 10 percent and wheel weight to 30 percent. Any recomendations to soolve my issue would be greatly appreciated or just recommendations about my other settings to make this game more enjoyable.

  2. Try -

    Environment 0%
    FFB 60%
    Weight 10%

    In your logitech profiler,

    260deg rotation
    107% Overall Effects
    0% spring
    0% damper

    Uncheck centre spring
    0% spring strength

    Check allow game to change settings.
  3. what is the logitech profiler? A CD came with the wheel but it said 3 different PC opperating systems so i thought it was for PC use only. Do i need to put this into my PS3 to get this information and be able to change it?
  4. Pritch


    the lack of feel and vibration i.e. the wheel has got light means you have understeer in the game and you have lost grip with the front wheels.
  5. Ah yes you are right, there is no profiler for the PS3, only PC. Sorry I didnt notice you mention it was PS3 in the first post, although now I see you talk of GT5 I should have guessed.
  6. This is different. The car is fine but the ffb just cuts out and until i return to the area whihc force feedback works than i am left with no feeling. The reason why ik the ffb is cutting out is that it becomes really easy to turn just like before i start up my PS3
  7. Pritch


    then all i can suggest is that you mess with the ingame settings ................
  8. So does this mean that because of the lack of adjusting I get for using a PS3 then I'm just going to have to live with this and eventually get used to it? Anybody have this issue too and solved it only using the in-game options.