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Force feedback question for Thrustmaster F1 integral owners

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by crankshaft, May 12, 2012.

  1. I am considering this wheel & pedal system for playing F1 2011/12. I am wondering if the force feedback is much different from other (cheaper) systems you have tried. Do you feel all the curbs as you run over them? Is the quality of the feedback more intense than other wheels you have tried?
    I own an older logitech momo force feedback wheel and I'm not sue if I should buy the whole system, or just the $200 wheel and adapt it to my existing base. Thanks

  2. Devil_Dog

    I walk the line.

    You can't compare the FFB to the momo. It's on a totally different level. The T500 FFB is superb.
  3. This picture is my opinion on it :)

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  4. There's no guy on a T500? :roflmao:
  5. Yes, there are a few.

    Having gone from the G25 to the T500RS, the most significan improvement you will notice is the strength of the FFB. There's also a certain smoothness to how the FFB effects feel i your hand- that's a given fact since the T500RS unlike the G25/G27/DFGT is belt driven as oppose to being gear driven. But because it uses a cog (toothed) belts/pulleys, you do feel a slight but noticeable chatter especially when dealing with strong FFB effects.

    Going from the GT rim to the F1 rim on the T500RS- I notice the FFB feels more direct. It could be from the sizes of the rims and the weight distribution on the two different rims but there's no doubt that I'm getting two completely different FFB feel from the GT rim compared to the F1 rim.

    I find the F1 rim useable and preferable in other cars besides open-wheel/formula race cars. It's good with LMPs, Super GT (GT500), DTM or basically any race cars with high grip/downforce.
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I can confirm what mikem said, I think the F1 rim is delivering FFB effects way better than the GT rim. It's really nice and definitely worth the money.

    It's also quite nice to use in LMP cars, as mikem said, especially in pCARS.
  7. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    I think he meant in the pictures hampus posted :D
  8. And I thought it's because no one has yet to give a long enough answer :)
  9. Yeah spot on James, no guy in the daylight pic d'oh, by all accounts T500 is great wheel but my main concern would be the pedals, load cell does appear to be the way forward. Does anyone know of any conversions available? (BTW I need PS3 compatabitity)
  10. The T500 is one fantastic wheel but as said the pedals leave a lot to be desired and the over steer on ps3 games is night and day compared to pc games of the same game. The F1 wheel does correct a lot of this and as I have stated on other forums the firmware for the F1 Rim compared to the firmware for the Round rim feel as if they were written by 2 different teams is is so that much of a difference.
  11. The more I hear the more convinced I am that throwing the PS away and investing in a PC is the way to go. If 2012 isn't a vast improvement then my mind will be made up.
  12. It won´t be. 2011 should be enough of evidence that CM should not call themselves CodeMasters because they are not.
    2012 will be more of the same, buy a PC and enjoy some proper simracing instead.
  13. I'm still interested to see what CM come up with but I am with Hampus on this. Expecting another lackluster performance from them.
  14. I just wish we would get a proper sim of Formula 1 one day.

    And good graphics, F1 2011 looks like a cartoon video and not very realistic at all.
    Hell even modders can produce better lighting then the guys at Codefailures.

    CM will produce a couple of Diaries, saying how this time they have improved the driving greatly (as they did last time) and that cars now react much better etc.
    Then game gets released and you realize there´s more problems the pro´s in the game.

    People should stop supporting these companies, it´s the only way to make them stop producing ****.
  15. I think it'll be near impossible to go to any simcade game after the FFB of netkar and rf2.

  16. That is a big step financially.

    As much as I like Forza and GT5, titles like rF2 and netkar(hopefully AC soon) are a big step up in terms of feel and physics. IMO rF2's dynamic track and environment are EPIC.
  17. Ok guys noob question I know but I know jack s**t about computers, I just got a T500 and F1 add on wheel, instructions say I must update firmware before I can mount the wheel. I will be using this on PS3 only (for now) so question is, do I still have to update firmware and if I do have to, how? Sorry for such a simple question (for those in the know) but your answers will be much appreciated.
  18. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Yes, yes you should. Thrustmaster explained it pretty well on their website.
  19. Thanks, I'll check that out