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force feedback on the DFGT

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Mike Sterckx, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Is is just me that thinks the ffb on a dfgt wheel is utter crap?

    I can't believe how bad it is, it's worse then in tdu2, totally unrealistic.
    I fiddled with the settings for about an hour to no avail.

    Enviromental effects: hardly does anything. I have it on 100. I's noticable but abit weak.
    ffb strength: Now this is bad. When set to 100 i can hardly move the steer. When set to 10 it is still way to hard to move the steer.
    wheel weight: doesn't work at all on a dfgt.

    Then there is the way the ffb works when taking a corner. It's absolute pesh. Hard to explain just what it does but it makes no sense to me.

    Abyone else using a dfgt having these issues?
  2. I had massive problems with the DFGT at first. Disconnect the wheel by the USB and start F1 2011. Then exit the game, re-plug wheel in and start game again.

    I've got the profiler settings set at 50%/50%/50%. 30% centering spring and 270 degree of lock with allow games to adjust settings ticked.

    Ingame I've got 0% enviroment effects, 10%/10%. Works alright for me. Choose DFGT option, then change to custom and make sure override is set to 'steering wheel'. This way, all ingame buttons work (like d-pad up, down etc) but you don't need to use the default setting for the DFGT which is terrible.

    Btw, I too had the issue with FFB settings being very stiff at first. I still have the problem of FFB just 'giving' up half way through a corner...it's not right, but it's manageable at least.
  3. Thanks for that i will try it out.

    Yea, when entering a corner the wheel gives alot of resistance and then suddenly it stops. Can't take a proper corner like that.
  4. This is exactl;y what I get with the Logitech GT.

    It makes every corner undriveable as the resistance changes half way through it and therefore the car changes direction!!