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For sale/wanted thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ant Collett, May 7, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    With the demise of RSC & its trading forum i though it would be nice to have something similar here.
    If anyone has a shifter of any sort they would like to sell then please get in touch.

    Happy Trading :D
  2. For Sale: Porsche 911 GT3 RS Wheel -Clubsport edition- EU

    Hi Guys,

    I won this wheel last year in another league and got it a few months ago. Since then I used it a few times on another pc in iRacing. Now I don't use it anymore as I still use my logitech set. So it's basically sitting here for nothing. It works perfectly fine and is like new.

    * Force Feedback racing wheel with belt drive
    * Black painted metal shifter paddles
    * Clubsport Pedals
    * USB cable to use pedals as stand alone product
    * connection cable from wheel to pedals
    * Quick guide
    * Power supply

    See picture attached.

    Price: 245 euro
    Shipping in HOLLAND: 2 x 8,95 EUR (2 boxes) with TNT Parcy
    Europe Shipping: UPS, contact me for pricing, send me your address


    Attached Files:

  3. I am wanting a brake load cell for a G27.

    The apex pedal is exactly what I am after but seems to have closed for the foreseeable future, and the perfect pedal people don't ship to Australia. I will buy a copy of CST's DIY pedal giude but I imagine I will have difficulty sourcing parts here in Oz.

    I would consider buying a good set of CSP if anyone has a spare, seldom used set lying around. Timon, I would be interested to know why you don't use your CSPs instead of the Logitech pedals - I thought they would be much better?
  4. Hi Grab, I posted about that here m8: http://www.racedepartment.com/fsr-h...-wheel-clubsport-edition-eu-2.html#post532987


    EDIT: PEDALS SOLD, WHEEL ONLY AVAILABLE NOW. Wheel is new 170 euro, I would like to sell it for 140 euro.

    Shipping in holland: 8,95 EUR with TNT Parcy
    Europe Shipping: UPS, contact me for pricing, send me your address
  5. Fanatec GT3 RS Wheel still for sale!
  6. Tom Watts

    Tom Watts
    Premium Member

    timon so no peddels how much are ones for it ? thanks tom
  7. Hi Tom,

    Yeah, pedals are sold. Wheel is still available for 140 euro, it's 170 new excl. shipping.
  8. Wheel and pedals sold, thanks