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Other For better race off the grid 2016-07-21

For better race off the grid

  1. senna9922 submitted a new resource:

    For better race off the grid - For better race off the grid

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  2. Gringo

    Premium Member


    This information is not accurate and it does not work.

  3. For me work very well, I don't like to put fake stuff on forum.
    My mistake is because I forgot to mention, I've corrected engine life in


    LifetimeAvg=2450 // average lifetime in seconds
    LifetimeVar=3424 // lifetime random variance

    So the game itself put out part of the driver, brake, suspension, engine.
    If I set Attrition = 60 more than half of the drivers complete the race, if I put less number
    which means less drivers finish the race.

    This combinacion I never was try with 60 laps driving,
    I usually adjust on 10 to 15 rounds.

    In the game I use this settings

    mechanical failures /time scaled

    time scaled /use race %

    I only share my research with AMS.

    Best regards
  4. DaVeX↯

    Premium Member

    What this mod is supposed to do?
  5. well, i might understand a little bit more, for this "you need to cut the drivers folder", do you mean to remove/delete the entire folder "Automobilista\GameData\Talent"?
  6. well, i backuped the Talent folder and deleted it, and edit the engine ini folder in F_V12 cars as you said, played a short race on SpielbergVintage track.
    these changes works well to me, AI drivers became much more different than before, some became much faster, some slower and making mistakes, distance between one to another are larger much than before. --- but the difference of AI is too big, how shall i edit to make it smaller?
  7. PieterN

    Premium Member

    That's why we have talent-files....
  8. uh.....from end to end, no intermediary choice...? with Talent folder, an AI is just an total copy from another, acts simply like a road-blocker to player. oh
  9. Hardest thread ever to follow!!! Not entirely sure whats going on
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  10. Perhaps the information coming from, plr file. I really do not know and is not my intention to make a confusion here. If somebody have benefit with this that is ok, everybody else always can use the traditional way with talent file. And thanks to everyone for comment.
  11. DaVeX↯

    Premium Member

    Sorry mate, there is a bit of confusion because the whole thread isn't clear...some of you guys knows what the mod does...some of us don't understand what are you guys talking about, so can you be more clear about this mod?we aren't all experts about modding plr file so we need some help to understand it...
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  12. All this isn't a mod.

    It is just a option, for different racing offline.
    When you use talent file for example

    if is one driver have better set line, like Aggression=91, Reputation=91,
    Crash=5, and another driver have less number value Aggression=7, Reputation=11

    You will have always the same story, with this two drivers, when i say plr file,
    I mean on following.

    C:\Games\Automobilista\UserData\Ayrton Senna, Ayrton Senna.PLR

    QUICK AI Driver Strength="95" // 100 should approximate real life
    MULTI AI Driver Strength="95"
    AI Power Calibration="7" // Adjustments with AI strength (0=none, or add the following: 1=power, 2=gearing, 4=fuel)
    AI Fuel Mult="0.95000" // Additional fuel multiplier for AIs because of their driving style
    AI Tire Model="0.00000" // 0.0 = use AI peak slip, 1.0 = use player's dynamic slip, or a blend between the two (can be overrode in TBC with AITireModel)
    AI Brake_Power Usage="0.97000" // Fraction of theoretical brake power that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
    AI Brake_Grip Usage="0.97000" // Fraction of theoretical brake grip that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
    AI Corner_Grip Usage="0.97000" // Fraction of theoretical cornering grip that AI attempt to use (can be overrode in HDV)
    AI Max Load="40000.00000" // Maximum total load to set up theoretical performance tables (can be overrode in HDV)
    AI Min Radius="20.00000" // Minimum radius turn to set up theoretical performance tables (can be overrode in HDV)
    AI to AI Collision Rate="1" // Detection rate per second (1-40) for AI-to-AI collisions

    most of this is factory set, you don't need to edit plr file just cut the talent file from game folder
    for select mod like C:\Games\Automobilista\GameData\Talent\F_Classic
    and set the engine file for this mod
    C:\Games\Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles\F_Classic F_Classic_engine.ini

    in track gdb file C:\Games\Automobilista\GameData\Locations\Spielberg\Spielberg spielberg.gdb
    Attrition = 30 change to Attrition = 60
    and add this line at the bottom of the page
    Qualify Laptime = -4.0
    Race Laptime = -5.0

    SettingsFolder = Spielberg

    DRSZone-1=(900.6,1358.2,2033.78) // Detection point, start point, end point
    CompoundsAllowed=1,2 // A max of 4 compounds can be included in this parameter

    then you try to race for example 10 laps

    In the game set next

    mechanical failures /time scaled

    time scaled /use race %
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