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Tracks Fontana Speedway 1.02

Fontana for AMS

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Fontana Speeway - Fontana for AMS

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  2. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    Thanks a lot Patrick, Gringo, Denis, JoRo; and The Pits of course! Really curious to drive a more banked oval in AMS. If I understand correctly, the dynamic track is there but we won't see marbles appearing as they would look ugly? So we better stay in the groove, right? Having the track evolving is the most important imho, I think we will have lots of fun there. Thank you!
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  3. You will not feel marbles, and no grip loss there too. Sorry, could not do more. Would need a wider texture and it is a very specific one
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  4. Patrick, this track will not load for me.
    Comes up with error opening mas file?
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2016
  5. which one?
    µI packed my own version and it is running fine. Did you put the us pits folder too?
  6. :redface:Sorry mate, did not include USpits folder.
    Now ok

  7. nightymare


    Thanks to all concerned for the effort! Turned a good few laps this morning and I must say it feels great. love it :D

    EDIT: Now I just need to collect all 19 tracks from 1998 :D (prays)
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  8. Just curious if this track includes the road course layout?
  9. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    No it does not.
  10. Dave_6


    Just tried to start a race with a full field of the Cart teams and as soon as it loads in, the AI all crashes together into me and the rest of the field. Tried it twice to the same result.
  11. nightymare


    The solution would be to use a ROLLING start, works perfectly with a full grid for me.
  12. Dave_6


    It was with rolling starts. It loads in with the field rolling and the back half of the field all crash into each other.
  13. Gringo


    Humm I think you have "fast rolling" starts selected. Use "ROLLING" starts, this will put you on the grid behind the pace car for one lap. You can hit the space bar to skip the pace car lap once you are in the car.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2016
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  14. Dave_6


    Ah okay, thanks!
  15. Tried to run a full 250 lap race with the CART mod. Ran out of talent at 388 km/h and put my car in to the wall on lap 75 trying to follow Zanardi as he was lapping the field. Arms felt like I had been in the gym.

    Edit: This should've been in the review section. Sorry. Excellent mod.
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  16. Unfortunately... just copy/paste your Cleveland track doesn't work. (any idea why?)
    But... at least something went right... Milwaukee Mile track work without any troubles, at least in quick race mode. So that was really great news ! :) Thank you for that piece of advice !!! :thumbsup:
  17. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    Cleveland is pretty easy to make work in AMS. This is probably the easiest/fastest way:
    1. Copy the SCE Cleveland folder to your AMS Locations folder.
    2. Copy the AdPackStockcar.MAS file from SCE\GameData\Locations\ReizaCommon -- then paste it in your AMS Cleveland folder.
    3. Edit the scn file adding the 2nd line below so AMS can call the sky/cloud files.

    Obviously this negates all of the AMS updates and standards but the track will work fine. :)
    Any RF1/SCE track works on AMS. I have too many to count. Feel free to PM me if you are having trouble getting anything ported over and you arent super worried about your track having all of the AMS standards. We can save Patrick some time this way. ;)
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  18. Thanks mate ! That's what I'm calling great news. :thumbsup:
    I even can import a couple tracks I bild in Bob's track builder in AMS now ! Wow.:geek:
    One thing though... you said "then paste it in your AMS Cleveland folder." but that line in .scn said "SearchPath=ReizaCommon\bak" so... which one is it gonna be ? :) There IS that folder ReizdaCommon/bak, you know... And I believe, looking at that line - this is the one. I hope it's that COMMON folder so we don't have to copy/paste that file for each track we import from GSCE/rF.
  19. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo

    These are 2 different things. The "SearchPath=ReizaCommon\bak" line is being added to call the sky files. The "AdPackStockcar.MAS" is specifically needed for the Cleveland track, otherwise you could normally skip this step for most tracks. And that file does exist in AMS however it smaller and is missing the specific files Cleveland needs. So in the end both edits are needed for Cleveland.

    Typically If an SCE track is crashing in AMS you usually just need to fix the scn file to call the correct mas files. There are many ways to make the tracks work, I showed you this way as I believe it to be the easiest or fastest way.

    I have most of the CART tracks in AMS -only updated with AMS skies- such as Toronto, Vancouver, Nazareth, Michigan, Homestead, Long Beach, Pocono, Milwaukee, Detroit, Mid-Ohio, and the others Patrick has already released. Perhaps I could just share them with you guys (somewhere else) knowing they are not AMS standards but again, they work fine. ;)
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2016
  20. Funny thing... :alien:
    when I put that file into ReizaCommon game crash, when I put it into GAME FOLDER (as you already told me:D) track loads just fine !?! I have to go to work so didn't have time to test it in many/all mods, just in "test" but I believe other mods will work too.
    Thank you so much @xerocoul - you did a big favor to me. Now I can port all those CART tracks to AMS, quality may not be pure 10 but 9 is just fine with me. :geek: I just couldn't immerse myself driving CART championship on those Brasilian tracks. No hard feelings Reiza. :D
    Say... how do you add AMS sky on those track ? If you wish, if we're hijacking this thread and if I'm the only one interested in that we can continue via PM.
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