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Fontaine Phantom Flatbed Trailers 1.1

Fontaine Phantom Flatbed Trailers

  1. r199

    "The Machine"

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2016
  2. r199

    "The Machine"

    Fontaine Phantom Flatbed Trailers reworked by Solaris36

    New version:
    Totally reworked Fontaine Phantom flatbed trailers.
    - Standalone
    - 31 cargos
    - In traffic
    - Fixed shadows and ui shadows
    - Fixed trailer and cargos collisions
    - Trailer Height adjusted
    - Fixed missed reverse lights
    - Added license plate light
    - Few changes on 3D models

    DOWNLOAD (Sharemods.com)
    Size: 27.7 MB | Uploaded on: 2016-03-02 by Solaris36

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2016
  3. r199

    "The Machine"

    More images:
    fontaine-phantom-flatbed-trailers-reworked-by-solaris36_1.jpg fontaine-phantom-flatbed-trailers-reworked-by-solaris36_2.jpg fontaine-phantom-flatbed-trailers-reworked-by-solaris36_3.jpg
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