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Sounds Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 3 1.0

3rd part of my sound mods

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  1. Hi, why Part 3 V1.0? Why not the version 1.6, I do not understand. Should I install all 3 parts together?
  2. i have so much sounds, that the file size for upload at racedepartement is too big for one file for all sounds. SO i split them up in parts. They allways contain the same cars and will be updated from time to time. But the Pack 3 is new, so i decided to give it v1.0, but the others have received several updates, so v1.6 now. Please download all 3 packs to have all of my sounds up to date.
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  3. At least 488 gt3 sound gets two thumbs up from me. Gonna try some others asap. Thanks!
  4. You've really brought the C9 to life here!

    Just wondering, do you plan on touching the Jap pack cars at all?
  5. Thanks for the update.
    I never liked the muted sound of the original C9 file, so I am looking forward to what your mod brings.
    Will you monitor and update these sound files, if an AC update breaks them again?
    I unfortunately did not save the original AC files and every time KS does an update, the cars listed in your mod lose sound.
    The STEAM file cache verification does not restore those files either.
    Only way to get sound back is to reinstall your sound packs.
  6. If sounds doesn't work after update/cache verfication all you need to do is to remove the gui.txt file from the cars sfx folder, this to get the original sounds to work.
  7. GTV


    The new soundpack is a significant improvement over the original. These sounds are much more differentiated and lively. I do not want to imagine how much work is in it. Thank you very much!

    I noticed some things:
    With the exterior sound the Doppler effect is very well hit. (Alfa GTA!) However, the approaching cars are often much too quiet. Sometimes you almost can`t hear anything. This is also dependents on the camera. But imho the effect is exaggerated. I especially noticed that for the Mercedes C9.

    With the interior sound sometimes the volume by off throttle or braking too much decreases. Also here the Mercedes C9 is very noticeable to me. I think this is not realistic.

    Furthermore, many noises from the chassis or bodywork are missing.

    I hope you understand the comments as constructive criticism. And again: Thank you very much for your hard work!
  8. Glaurung

    Premium Member

    Great work, particularly with the 488 GT3.
    Only a note about the FXX-K downshifts strokes that seem pretty weak compared to RL videos.