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Sounds Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 2 1.6

Fonsecker sound pack split up in two parts now

  1. Fonsecker submitted a new resource:

    Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 2 - Fonsecker sound pack split up in two parts now

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  2. Any info about possible updates? After AC's 1.7 patch, many of these sounds doesn't work anymore, so now I have many silent cars...
  3. they all still work. U just have to reinstall the sounds. On every update of AC where Kunos updates their sounds, sound mods have to bbe reinstalled!
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  4. hello first great work for the mods but more ways to play the cars are completely silent when do you arrange that? beacoup thank you because I do not play it because of that
    thank you
  5. usually after each update of AC, my sound mods are overwritten by Kunos original sounds (but unfortunately the updates don´t delete my GUID.txt files of each car) so my sound mod´s don´t work.

    To fix this, just reinstall my sound mod and all should work fine again.
  6. thank you for your quick response and very cool where I can find is mods please? thanks
  7. don´t understand this question :(
  8. sorry I am french (thank you google translation) who install your mods I was no longer his, and would like the origins of sounds pending version 1.7 of your mods but I is not how
  9. You can find my two sound packs v1.5 here. the version numbers of my mods do not match to AC version numbers. So the 1.5 of my version will work with AC 1.7.x and i think it will also work with 1.8 of AC.
    if you ask how to go back to original AC sounds. Just delete the SFX folder of the car you want to have original sounds and make a steam integrity check so steam will download these missing files and you have original sounds again.
  10. thank you very much for your reply I will try again sorry to disturb you