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Sounds Fonsecker sound mod packs

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Fonsecker, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Fonsecker


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  2. will you have to re-do a lot of your work after the new fmod update gets released?
  3. Fonsecker


    yes i have to redo all my sounds...
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  4. Fonsecker


    Updated my sound packs to work with AC 1.10
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  5. V7 does not work with AC 1.8
    Where can I download v6?
  6. Fonsecker


    update AC then it works...but i can imagine that it is hard to find a crack for the latest AC version :D:roflmao::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  7. I did update.......and what a chaos... no sound (Neither external nor internal nor on reply!) for any of my MOD cars.:-(
    So I came back to V8 where I just need to replace the sound for a very few ones.. ( yet ,they all have external sound)
    I cannot update further than v8 at least until there is a good sound fix for MODs ( rather than assigning kunos or using the sound fix switch)

    currently I have 649 cars and the ones I enjoy the most are the mod cars..( play off line)
    But..anyway.. isn't there any link for the sound pack V6 versions? there should be,.., pleaseee..
  8. Fonsecker


    After each big update from Kunos, that touches the sounds, u have to reinstall my sound mod. Then it works. Now my latest sound mod upadtes only works with the latest AC version. U can select in the Racedepartement download section of my mods also previous versions.

    But it makes no sence to play AC in an older version. From my side, all works fine with the latest AC version.

    For other mod: The mod creator has to update the sounds also!
  9. aphidgod

    'bout to cut some sh-- up with my crab hand. Premium

    Honestly it's a far better idea to update AC and then use something like Content Manager to replace the sound banks in your broken mod cars with current banks from Kunos cars or updated mods. It's worth the minor hassle a thousand times over for v10 tires alone.
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