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Misc Fom Cockpit Mod Cam Split Screen Mode 1.1

Split Screen, Any Cameras in Pit, Camera mod

  1. vlasovas submitted a new resource:

    Fom Cockpit Mod Cam Split Screen Mode - Split Screen, Any Cameras in Pit, Camera mod

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  2. Great mod mate! I have a question......How I can change camera position? Thanks :)
  3. depends if fov is only decrease or increase in the field of the desired camera

    if position has the parameters X, Y and Z where X is left right, Y up and down, and Z that is forward and brings has other fields also focus inclination among others, to tell the truth have to poke around to understand how it works, it is difficult to explain
  4. And what editor u use?
  5. Great work, without your Mods F1 Games would much more less fun.
    Thank you very much, I hope you keep doing it.
  6. thank you! just do the things that I think are cool in the game, in my view, maybe one day I venture to make cars textures and stuff, but still do not know much about making textures, would have to learn, I'm a real curious as a matter of fact! and I work, I not have much time to do things more time then it takes me on average tires a month and a half, and the weather also, and cameras are a bit faster, but very boring to work with, but is like that, little by little things will

    Happy Holidays to all!
  7. Great camera mod! How do you actually create the camera mods as I really want to create one but don't know how to. Thanks !
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  8. Can you explain the meaning of Fov 40,50,53 etc
    I haven't figured it out yet
    can you help ?
    Very good mod though
  9. is the pilot's eye position, to the steering wheel (far from the steering wheel closer to the steering wheel) the more realistic are closer
  10. How do I actually mod cameras. I've never modded anything before. I would like to create a camera mod like Aaravas in his career mode on YouTube. Thanks for your help
  11. This might be a stupid question but the title of the mod is namned splitscreen. I thought I could play splitscreen in someway better than currently (if you can at all on PC, I used to play on PS3 before).
    Could someone explain what this has to do with splitscreen. XO
  12. I did not have to test because here, do not enter this mode, but it was done based on cameras Split Screen of the file, takes the movement of cockpit cameras and the pod, to the mod split screen, but as I said here at home does not come this way because I do not have 2 computers