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FM4 March Car Pack

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Dazmaniac, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. According to a post I've read on a gameswebiste this pack includes an update that will raise the lvl cap from 150 to 999. Curious about that
  2. That would be good as I'm getting close and I know Dan and some others hit 150 weeks ago .........
  3. Been on lvl 150 for some time now, hopefully we also get credits for levelling up all the way to 999:). Looking forward to the DLC today, hopefully it will be released before I go home for a quick lunch in about 90 mins so I can play a little.
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  4. This would be awesome!!
  5. DLC not happened yet .......... :(
  6. Nope not yet.
  7. I brought it on XBL today? so hopefully it's downloading it when I turn my machine on.
  8. Not downloading on season pass yet available for separate purchase on Xbox live?!
  9. This still isn't available on my machine!
  10. Apparently of you go to the games add ons on Xbl and download the free Weismann it all starts to happen. Haven't tried it myself yet tho, good luck!
  11. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    There 2 Twitter post from Turn 10:

    1 hour ago:
    12 minutes ago
    Twitter link: https://twitter.com/#!/Turn10Studios
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  12. Has anyone heard anymore on the increased level cap
  13. I've not noticed my level going up after races. Hopefully this will be implimented at some point.
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  14. I got it last nite after the race at about 9:30 PM
  15. Yes,it was confirmed in an interview on Inside Xbox from one of the creators at turn 10. It's the recap episodes off the xbox launch event they did a few days ago.