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FM4 - Chat Thread

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Dan Smith, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. We didn't have one, so now we do!

    I might try and think up a Club Event soon! Probably at Fujimi Kaido.
  2. :wink:
  3. lol I think it's fair to say this thread died on it's arse as soon as it was created!
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  4. The bird is, or equal to the word.
  5. Hiya guys, Just wondering what your ideal races would be on Forza.

    I'd like to do a proper Le Mans series.
  6. how would you do it dan?? would you have lmp1, lmp2, Gt1??? or all one class???
  7. It would have all the classes. There is a race set in RDFM4 but it's not for a while.
  8. so how would you decide whos drives what class
  9. For the league it's going on championship position a few races before that event. This gives peeps time to prepare their cars.
  10. Just received an Aston DB5 from T10. Merry Xmas from T10!

    Anyone else hade same?
  11. Lol I got given the DB5 and a Mugen Integra Type-R
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  12. Ltd edition Dan?
  13. Unicorn car, got my achievement for it yay!!!
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  14. How did u pull that one off? Turn 10 comp?
  15. Nah, I just loaded it up when Wayne said he had a free car.
  16. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    I got the DB5 yestarday when I came on, but I am not vip
  17. I may sound a lil daft here but ive bought the Nov DLC pack but still cant buy the packs it jus takes me back to re download it anybody help?
  18. Are the cars not available to buy?
    Are you trying through I game marketplace or the main Xbox one? I bought season pass and everything seems to be straightforward so far.
  19. Ive downloaded it but when I go to buy the car in game it just says dlc :(
  20. Oh eck! Did you pay through xbox live marketplace or in-game via Forza marketplace?

    Download cars (again) from in-game car packs - the Nov DLC pack should show as FREE if you have paid.
    Failing that ... the only thing I suggest is go to download history and download again. Fingers crossed.