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FM4 - Can Forza be Improved?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Wayne Thomas, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Not sure if T10 ever check forum pages but ......

    What would you change online /offline to improve Forza4?

    Race options? etc? etc?
  2. After level 150?? Buy GRID2?

    More manufacturer decals in game.

    An auto tune option for noobs like me.

    Option to challenge other clubs to events/races/time trials/rivals etc.
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  3. I like these. Also allowing Aero repairs in race. Allowing starting order by previous race result in addition to last heat points, Lobby points and PI. There are more I'll think of I'm sure.

    I don't think they'd read this forum as much, I get the impression that if they spend time reading forums it's in the forzamotorsport.net ones as it's their's and they have a very large active community there. Too much smack talk for my liking though.
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  4. I especially like the idea of club to club rivalry.
  5. Proper tyre wear and fuel usage...

    Virtual mirrors in cockpit...

    Changeable weather, temperature and so one, day and night cycle...
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    • Allow online race meetings to have Practice and Qualification sessions included.
    • Day/Night transitions with option of time multiplier (to replicate a 24 hr race in say 120 minutes).
    • Improved AI
    • Club -vs- Club
    • In-house Club challenges with integrated league tables
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  6. Would be great to see all of the above but 2 other things could be added:
    1) Flags (yellow,blue,....) This as it would be used in a proper race and with sanctions (drive through if not respecting)
    2) A decent cockpit view as compared to a 3-screen setup so that you can always use the cockpit-view and are not blindsighted.
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  7. I think the tire and fuel usage is pretty much on point to reality. However adjustable (scalable) usage is a great idea. Races I've seen are close to what FM4 is doing with tire wear and fuel right now but most people don't do one hour plus races.

    I haven't done any testing but I think the tire wear isn't what we think as far as percentages go. In other words most of us think when you reach 100 percent wear then it's time to change the tires. I don't think that's the case here. I think 100 percent would be the equivalent chunks of rubber flying off one tire, another down to the rims etc. I've yet to test this theory out though so I just don't know.
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  8. I'm in an endurance racing league on Forza (Forza Le Mans Series) and I can tell you this:

    Fuel: ~1h30min, twice as much as in real life.

    Tyres: Infinite, end of.

    (Of course I'm talking about GT and LMP cars, various street cars or others can have different fuel usage and tyre wear, but still, not represented in Forza)
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  9. Agree with this. Tyre wear is nonexistent and fuel goes so far that it has no bearing on reality either. We're running hour long races in our DTM series and have to enforce a mandatory pitstop because you can drive the whole hour and not see a loss of 2 tenths lap time in tyre degradation no matter how much percent wear the telemetry gives you. We should be talking about seconds at that point.
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  10. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Agree with all things above.

    Limited upgrade should be done also.
    It's so ridiculous and unreal to see F classes Citroen C1, Chevy Spark and Toyotas Aygo racing at A600 class.
    I saw several of them spinning their front wheels for an intire lap, leaving smoke all over the place. Ridiculous!
    TURN10 should allow to upgrade only 2 classes top. F class to E and D. C class to B and A and only that.
    That way it would be more real.
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  11. They should also bring racing conversions... Like that you can have your own GT3/GT2/GT1 car, but only for realistic choices. (No Spark for example)

    Mechanical problems, that way it would prevent abusive tuning as your car would be unreliable and would blow up in an instant. It would also force to put proper tuning parts when you're modifying a car.

    Brake fade would be nice, of course only really affecting cars which have brake fade in real life... Don't put any on a Corvette C6 ZR1 !
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  12. While I agree that what people will do to a car in the game is ridiculous. But then I look at real life and say "Man what people will do with a car is ridiculous". Like you said though the car shouldn't really be effective when it's way out of it's class, which alot of cars in the game do exhibit

    See this is the weird part. I was watching a vid of a 24 Hour Nurnburgring driver. The vid lasts almost an hour. In the vid the driver pits because of a scheduled driver change ,infact I'll need to message the guy to be clear, but from what I can tell he could have kept on going with no performance hit. His reply to me implied that they changed rubber and fueled up simply because they might as well since they're in the pits changing drivers but it wasn't like they had to.
  13. What car was it ? Remember that there are A LOT of classes in that race... Also, tyres can be double-stinted, maybe triple-stinted when at night... Still, in Forza they will last forever.
  14. This was in the morning and I believe it was a Porsche 997 GT3.
    Actually I just found the vid and this guy goes over an hour before what he calls a "regular fuel/driver change". I don't think he even changed the rubber.

    I just started getting into racing a few years ago and really only be real observant with it I guess for a year now. But when I do get into something I tried to learn as much as possible.

    I've also been noticing the gaming community doesn't always align with the reality of the sport. I watched the Rolex series Daytona race and cars aren't pitting every 30 minutes but it seems like that's what people want or think. Even the DTM series , if you watch the DTM as we get it here in the states it would seem they pit real soon but we get a condensed version of it. They don't play the whole race lap-for-lap. You're looking at the start and suddenly it's lap 15.

    What we need is some solid data that we can analyze. Not what we "think" is right. I tried to get some but I couldn't make heads or tails of the info I could put my hands on. :(

    Then even with that said keep in mind some of these races have tires specially built to fail/perform etc. at certain points. We're getting Pirelli's data and performance. Which would be completely different than a Michelin tire or whatever. So many variables in the mix.
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  15. People do pimp their cars, but it is mainly with massive body skits and seats and wheels and speaker systems. I don't think yuo find many Honda Civic's running with a Bugatti Veyron engine put in it, lol.

    This for me is where Forza has gone a little OTT. Agree with PAulo's earlier post where he says limit the class a car can be upgraded. By all means allow as much bling to be added, but keep down the BHP and stuff.

  16. Like they say, if you got the cash you can do almost anything to a car. I like that the game lets you "go crazy" if you want. If anything I'll agree that the outrageous upgrades should cost a TON of cash. That'll keep the crazy upgrades down a bit. Go ahead and put a Veyron engine in a Civic, but it's going to cost you about 3 Veyrons to get it done. Something like that should be the norm.
  17. I agree that there should be a penalty for craziness, but disagree that it should be in price of parts- it should be in a significant raise of failure rate (first mech failure needs to be thrown in) but if you want to go crazy then you should expect a failure rate relevant to stressing the frame that heavily.
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  18. Totally agree with that but that's not happening any time soon I don't think. I've been holding out hope for mechanical failures for a long time I just don't think it's gonna happen in any console title though. Especially one with licensed cars. I think it's time for Forza to come out with FM:EXTREME. Limited cars (pretty much any license that allows them to abuse the hell out of cars without a thought) and superior damage physics (crash, mechanical and otherwise).
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  19. (Did FM3 have % reduction in parts cost by individual car rather than brand? Cant be bothered to reload disc to check!)

    I think one of the 'failures' in this game has been the 'free parts' after very limited use of a car brand due to affinity level. Maybe free should kick in at level 6 (or higher even), or have a greater point requirement to get to level 4. I think the problem lies in the fact that here we (RD and co) are mostly serious about our racing whereas the game has to appeal to a wider audience - realism isn't the whole equation.for T10.

    A plus of free parts though, is that it quickly opens up lots of cars for racing.

    T.O. - Random failures - could at least be an ON/OFF option. Nice idea.

    Better variety of options in online racing would be a plus. GT5 has much more and they were far more flexible for car selection/PI restrictions etc. I think you can even race for 24 hours if you wish!!!!
    (Three months ago I played both but due to racing overload had to make a decision as to which RD group to race with - plumped for FM4 as I prefer the controller and the season mode over PS3/GT5. May go back to the dark side one day - Ross Garland organised some great race nights).

    Glad I started this thread. Interesting comments made. :)
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