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FM information?

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 7' started by rocafella1978, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. rocafella1978


    hi all, i don't know much about FM, really nothing, but would want to see if possible to host/ create events and such.

    - custom liveries? possible to replicate team or create fantasy liveries with real logos?
    - multi-class racing?
    - endurance/sprint/ challenge races?
    - what is the license system like?
    - weather?
    - setups?
    - can one host an event? can one broadcast races? can one stream races?
  2. Troy Eddy

    Troy Eddy

    - You can create custom liveries, but it is a real pain. You can't import graphics, you have to use the in game tools to create them.
    - Yes you can create multi-class races in private lobbies
    - Yes there are endurance, sprint and challenge races in the career mode and you can also create them in private lobbies.
    - There is no license system, online is a bash-em-up, free-for-all crashfest.
    - Yes you can tune the cars and it does make a difference.
    - Yes you can host events in private lobbies, not sure about broadcasting, but I'm sure you can stream races.