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Flickering graphics .

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by racer1948, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I just installed the new F1 2011 and the game runs very smoothly , but the graphics flickers . I'm no computer smart-ass , but these are my computer specs . Hope you can help .

    Intel Core 2 @2.4gHz
    2GB Ram
    32bit Vista
    NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS

    And this is a clean computer with almost nothing . Please , thanks .
  2. Just an update , i'm using DirextX 10 . Not sure if it plays a part .
  3. You're using DirectX 9. This game doesn't do DX10. Now do you mean the shadows flicker or the whole screen flickers? Is anything overclocked? Either use MSI afterburner or GPU-Z to monitor your graphic card temperature. You can also use CPU-Z or RealTemp to monitor CPU temperature.
  4. I've checked , I used DirectX 10 . And the flickering starts from the very first black and white logo of "F1 2011" , and continues through out till the game ends . The whole screen flickers . Maybe i must downgrade to DirectX 9 ?
  5. Your video card is supported up to DirectX 9.0c.
    You must use DirectX 9 and you have no choice while using GeForce 7600.
  6. after all it is a geforce 7600, what expectations you have?
  7. Okay . Now that directx 10 is not supported , i cant downgrade to directx 9 nor upgrade to directx 11 . So that means , settings wise , there's nothing i can do right ?
  8. Hi is it just that game that does it?
    Have you tried other games?
    When its just sitting on the desktop is it ok?
  9. You just have DX10 runtime installed. It doesn't mean the game will try to force DX10. The game will automatically use DX9. It is working as it should and you don't have to do anything. It could be overheating issues. Did you check the temperatures?
  10. get a newer more powerful video card. I would get no less than a gtx550ti. the 560ti is even better choice and only about 50.00 more.
  11. @William Yeap , only the game does it . It works well with Fifa , works well with others . All except all F1 games . In F1 2010 , it gives very lagging graphics , i tried it on all computers but only worked in a workstation desktop . In F1 2011 , it gives a flickering graphics , i did try on the workstation , it works flawlessly , but i need help to get it work on my normal desktop .

    @taz1004 I've not check temps . One question , do i check temps when F1 2011 is running or when its not running or both ?

    @Apex1972 How much is a gtx550ti and the 560ti ?
  12. Am thinking its a heat problem with the graphics card to check the temp when your playing F1 2011 download msi afterburner, this will let you see temps when your in game, also you can control the fan speed of your graphics card which in turn will get rid of the flickering.
    Download the msi afterburner put the graphics card fan speed on 100% then go try f1 2011. Let me know what happens when you try it see if the flickering is gone.

    The gtx550ti is around £99 and the 560ti is around £140 depending where you get them from.
  13. Hi thanks william , sorry for the reply . I'll get back to you in an hours time .
  14. Hi william . Thanks so much . I've tried MSI Afterburner . Under normal circumstances , my GPU Temperature is clocking at 97/100 . Upon running F1 2011 , it clocks at 100/100 . You guys are dead right !

    Now that we've discovered the problem , is there anything we can do to rectify the problem ?
  15. And no burning smell? Does the Afterburner report that the fan is running? At what speed? I would clean inside your computer case first. Get some compressed air. If all else fails, open your case and put a big box fan against it. This will also throw large amount of dust in your case too so you need to clean it regularly.
  16. Yup no burning smell . I've preset the fan to run at 100% speed . Ohya , what you mean by get compressed air ?