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Cars Flat 6 1.4

Enduracers Flat 6

  1. dreamer submitted a new resource:

    Flat 6 - Enduracers Flat 6

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  2. Dont work very well in my game.

    Keep crashing all the time.
    Anyways i love the car.
  3. Men all the SCE mods works on AMS. But they are not updated to new features. Some have audio issues depending on the track used.

    I think no need post mods without new AMS features. Becouse AMS deserves quality mods, with all new features.
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  4. Works great for me. 30 laps at Interlagos with 15 ai. It's a great mod. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  5. This
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  6. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Right, GSCE will not die (as a standalone game)
    Keep GSCE mods within GSCE's area and just post AMS mods here.
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  7. Doesn't work with me. As soon as the car drives out of the pitgarage, I get a CTD:
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  8. Crash to desktop in some tracks :cry:
  9. Guys for those of you that are getting crash to desktop go to
    C:\Program Files (x86)
    and delete the ESGTC_FLAT6GT3_TEAMS folder
  10. dreamer updated Flat 6 with a new update entry:

    Flat 6

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  11. Gringo

    Premium Member

    Rieza is going to build "the" Porsche mod for AMS.
    This should be removed from RD
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  12. dreamer updated Flat 6 with a new update entry:

    Flat6 1.2

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  13. Hello
    Mod doesn't work for me.
    No logo, just a white light.
    No cars in the list, just the Safety Car.
    "series" is empty.
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  15. Thanks.

    Now I'have downloaded. I see the logo.
    But always crashes when going out from a practice. (version 1.6.2)
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  16. All seems to be ok for me, I would start again delete everything
    then install again fresh. first the main download then the little update from the link in first post.
  17. I deleted the game entirely.
    I reload the game without Endurace Series. OK.

    I Install Endurances Series, I make a run with Flat 6 and I have always crashes when i leave the game.

  18. man i'm not sure whats happening. did you delete everything EnduranceSeries related from your Vehicles folder ? It runs fine for me no crashes at all.
  19. Sure

    I delete Endurances Series in Vehicules folder.
    I copy Flat6 1.2 Endurances Series in Vehicules folder(and others folders like Sounds, Talents, etc)

    I go in game. I choose "Flat 6".
    I run... I can play, no problem.
    But when I push Escape Key to go out of the run : crash in game....
  20. I'm stumped not sure what the problem is. 1.2 then the update from the link in first post ?
    Will see if I can sort it but will be hard as it runs fine for me.