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Flashbacks.... weren't those in F1 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by pasta815tim, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. YAY FLASHBACKS! Oh wait, weren't those in F1 2011. Right, so what have they done differently in F1 2012 with the flashbacks... or is all of this just a lie... seems like typical CM conduct~ :thumbsdown:
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  2. We got flashbacks even in F1 2010. If I remember well Grid or Dirt was the first game with flashbacks.
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  3. Exactly so why the **** are they talking about it (on the dev diary) as if it's a new feature. They talk about strategy and all that... like they didn't exist since F1 2010. Strategies can't vary because of :poop: tyre simulation -.-

    This dev diary is really... pointless and useless. I don't need Steven Hood commentating on the F1 2012, they should just give us a pole position lap of Alonso at Hockenheim in the wet or something~
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  4. I agree with the Statement above this Video didn't even told us what was in the YDT like showing a Lap with any car around Abudhabi or even OSQ We know what was strategy means and we know what Flashback means
    So it was a bit foolish if we had a clear Hot lap on tracks we saw races then we might able to see how much the Lap times are adjusted
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  5. I agree with all points except for tyre simulations. Yes it was bad in 2011 but we don't know what is it going to be in 2012. Let's just wait :)