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[Fixed] Working as intended?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Brett Thornton, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. This is the Alfa from STCC2.


    Could I have caused this, or is it a bug?

    Edit here: Looks fine if I look left.
  2. As far as I know, that's what the cockpit view is like... it only renders the forward part of the cockpit. I know this from adjusting my FOV.
  3. I think you can include the whole car in your view by editing your PLR (at least in rFactor, which is the same engine).

    It is to save performance :)
  4. I have recently started using headtracking again, and had not noticed that oddity in any of the other cars since (all of the stcc2 cars + 10, or so older cars).

    I assumed it had something to with the view system. I have real seat positions on, but apparently that does not limit the trackir pov turning range. I remember seeing some settings for trackir limits in a config file somewhere, thats probably where the fix is.

    Thanks for the response's.
  5. Heheh, they have you out driving half a car, guess that gives you a weight advantage eh mate?
  6. Yes thats a bug in the game - I don't have STCC 2, but have experienced this whilst using freetrack in some, but not all of the cars, in the Race Series. It can only be seen when your seat is quite far back and your head is also back when you look to your extreme left or right using headtracking software, it is quite weird and can be very distracting when you first experience it though can't it!! In some of the cars you'll find the back half is rendered, unfortunately looking around to admire the inside of the back half of the cars usually ends up with the front half bouncing off a wall. . . . .
  7. Its very distracting.

    I am borderline obsessive about game visuals, I don't have to have the state of the arts graphics to enjoy a sim, but they need work correctly within the limits of that sim.

    I'm really bummed because the Alfa was quickly becoming my favorite modern ride, and now I cant drive it period.

    Honestly, this whole stcc2 mess has has cost alot of respect I had for simbin. Refusing to sell the me the addon for a month after it was released really made me butthurt. Their raceroom portal is a steaming pile.
  8. Bagh. Bigtime overreaction on my part.

    Clicked off "real seat position", then moved my view forward (to where I really wanted it anyway). Presto, I can turn to the full headpan limit, and those "missing" parts are there.

    I was throwing myself off by thinking that setting was the same as in IL2(flightsim), where you can get hugely advantageous views from the cockpit going to ridiculous parts of the cockpit. I don't think driving forward of the "real" limit gives an unfair view.

    If a mod could add "fixed" to the title of this thread it might help someone who viewed earlier thinking it was a real bug.