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Sounds fix for engine sounds audi r8 gt3 2015-07-01


  1. little bit more infos would be nice
  2. Doesn't work for me , i have all sound ok , but nothing inside the car, i have sounds on kerbs on grass , when i hit a wall , but nothing from engine
  3. Seriously ? This thread is dead since one year. Also some of modded car work perfectly without SoundFix in latest AC version.
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  4. Work now ok,
    But When i use a new car (never drived on the game before) i have no sound, for all GT3 car i use the sounds mod prupose here, but now i have no sound on Nissan Nismo GT-R , and i don't know where to find files to replace
  5. All of Kunos car works perfectly in latest AC 1.8 version without SoundFix (like other time). Some of modded car don't need SoundFix anymore.
    If you have trouble go in the thread of the mod and explain your problem.

    I have personaly many mod (only quality mod) and they works good without SoundFix or other thing. Juste use mod that are updated by there respective authors.